Review: Jones Soda Key Lime Pie Soda (2006)

Green River was a soft drink developed in the early 20th Century in Chicago, named after the traditional coloring of the Chicago River for St. Patrick’s Day. It was a light, citrusy drink, highlighted by a strong lime flavor. You can still find it in places today mostly for the nostalgic value (I had a milkshake flavored with it a few years ago at a local greasy spoon). Jones Key Lime Pie Soda has a very similar taste.

Jones Soda Key Lime Pie Soda (2006)

Jones Key Lime Pie Soda

The Jones Soda version of the beverage comes from the Dessert Pack, which as we discussed on the Overview of this year’s Holiday collection, is actually made up of drinks that don’t make you want to puke. In this case, the beverage has an appealing greenish color and features a photo of key lime pie on the cover. I’ve never had key lime pie, so I couldn’t tell you if this was an accurate recreation of the flavors, but I give Jones credit for nice packaging. Plus, Slickpoo, Idaho, resident Seth T. Goodwin has to be jumping for joy that his photo was used on this bottle. (Seriously, Slickpoo? :| )

Jones Soda Key Lime Pie Soda (2006)

Pie from Slickpoo!

The drink smells much like Canfield’s 50/50 or Cadbury Schweppes’ Squirt. You might associate it with now-discontinued dnL from 7Up. Overall, it’s fruity and fun, but has a tad bit of fakeness in the scent.

Jones Soda Key Lime Pie Soda (2006) - Taste Test

Anna loves liquid green pie

When we taste tested Key Lime Pie Soda, we did it in conjunction with tasting Jones Sweet Potato Soda and Jones Cherry Pie Soda. Out of the three, most folks overwhelming liked Key Lime Pie the best.

Jones Soda Key Lime Pie Soda (2006) - Taste Test

Thumbs up from Matt!

As with the other Dessert Pack flavors, Key Lime Pie Soda is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, so there is very little aftertaste associated with diet drinks. The flavor is fresh, light, and slightly sour. Think of Sprite, but heavy on the lime rather than lemon. In many ways, it resembled Jones Lemon Drop Dead Soda from the 2006 Halloween collection, except being heavy on the lemon, it was heavy on the lime.

Overall… fun taste, very different, refreshing.