Review: Jones Soda Dinner Roll Soda (2006)

Does bread make a good soft drink flavor? Seriously?

Jones Soda Dinner Roll Soda is part of the Holiday Pack, which in itself is part of the 2006 Jones Soda Holiday collection. Yes, it’s a drink that’s supposed to taste like bread.

Jones Soda Dinner Roll Soda (2006)

Jones Soda Dinner Roll Soda

I don’t know the last time I did have any bread that contained 290mg of sodium by itself, sweetened with sucralose, caffeine-free, and carbonated… but there is always a first time. Dinner Roll Soda actually smells pretty good. It doesn’t smell like rolls or butter or bread, but it does have a pleasant scent. Kinda fruity, like a Sprite Remix Aruba Jam or 7Up. That’s odd, I know. Blame my nose.

The coloring is almost clear, with a slight hint of yellow. It’s obvious they were going for the “buttery” look here. The taste, however, removes any pleasantness from the experience. The large dose of salty flavor hits you right away, forcing your nose to scrunch up painfully. If that was reduced somehow, it wouldn’t be as bad. But then a buttery flavor kicks in, followed by an artificial aftertaste. Not fun, nor something that you want more than one sip to test.

Jones Soda Dinner Roll Soda (2006)

Broken glass?

It’s a wonder why the photo on the front of my bottle (Photo #6847) features what seems to be a broken glass of some sort. Maybe contributor Alyssa Ryan or East Greenwich, RI, was trying to illustrate what happens when you first drink Dinner Roll Soda. You are first enticed with the nice scent, you drink… then you are appalled by the flavor and drop your beverage to the ground!

Under the cap, the Jones saying reads, “Place confidence in a personal relationship.” If you do take that advice, don’t do it over a shared bottle of Jones Soda Dinner Roll Soda!