Review: Jones Soda Pea Soda (2006)

Typically Jones Soda Turkey & Gravy Soda gets all the glory every year when the Holiday Pack comes out. After all, according to Peter van Stolk, President and CEO of Jones Soda, it’s “the nation’s number one selling poultry flavored soda.” But this year when Jones sent out their press release about the 2006 Holiday collection, Turkey & Gravy didn’t get the nod. The title of the release was “Jones Soda Launched Green Pea Soda To Benefit Toys For Tots”. So apparently there is something special about Jones Soda Pea Soda.

After tasting it, I can unequivocally say… there isn’t.

Jones Soda Pea Soda (2006)

Jones Soda Pea Soda

Interestingly, nothing else in the press release even mentioned Pea Soda. It’s like they picked a random flavor to feature in the title and moved on. But I digress.

The drink itself is green, as would be expected. I’m not sure it matches the color of any other beverage I’ve had. Like others in the Holiday Pack, it’s sweetened with sucralose, contains no caffeine, and is calorie free. As an added bonus, it’s packed with 250mg of sodium!

Jones Soda Pea Soda (2006)

This snowman is going to vomit green blood!

Looking at my bottle, I’m greeted by a label photo (Photo #6837) featuring an adorable kid building a snowman. There are no peas in the photo, nor is any part of the snowman green. The least one would expect is for Julia Kohl of Oren, UT to drape the snow contraption with green blood or something. Oh well!

The smell of Pea Soda? Not very good. You know right away that if the smell is bad, the taste is going to be much, much worse. I mean, we’re talking the Jones Soda Holiday flavors here. There are no surprises. There is sort of a stench that emanates from the bottle. It’s more like some sort of odd herbs or something your grandma probably had packed away in the back of a moldy closet. Not appealing at all.

Of course, then you actually bring the drink to your lips… and something buttery greets you, followed but that classic Splenda aftertaste. It’s really not as bad as you think based on the smell. There’s something there that burns at the back of your throat, but also somewhat of a maple flavor… similar to 2005′s Broccoli Casserole Soda. Interestingly, that was green as well! Maybe these flavors have something in common. Perhaps that hinted at by the saying under the bottlecap: “Old acquaintances are important this week.” Welcome back, Broccoli Casserole!