Review: Jones Soda Blueberry Pie Soda (2006)

Continuing the taste treat theme found in the Dessert Pack of the 2006 Jones Soda Holiday collection, it’s time to take a look at Jones Soda Blueberry Pie Soda.

Jones Soda Blueberry Pie Soda (2006)

Jones Soda Blueberry Pie Soda

I must say that right off the bat, the color of this drink is quite attractive, thanks to the combination of Red #40 and Blue #1. Blue soft drinks aren’t always so appealing (see Pepsi Blue), but the dark tone found in Blueberry Pie Soda is an exception.

Jones Soda Blueberry Pie Soda (2006)

The photo actually matches the flavor for a change!

Also quite appealing is the photo on the label, which in this case, was actually a picture of a blueberry pie! (Photo #6869 by Lisa Hitcheson of Blueball, PA… even the name of her city is blue!)

Sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, Jones Soda Blueberry Pie Soda contains 180 calories. Upon opening the bottle, you aren’t exactly greeted with a wonderful scent, as would be expected in any sort of berry-influenced drink. This is sort of a cluttered scent, not quite medicinal, but also not clean. It’s definitely not berry.

The flavor is quite syrupy, with a hint of blueberry, and a lingering aftertaste that isn’t very comforting. It’s not a light drink… almost feels to “heavy” in the way the flavors are pulled together. Quite disappointing, if you ask me. The taste almost reminds me of the berry/bubble gum-flavored cleaning paste that my dentist uses when he cleans my teeth every 6 months. That experience is not something I want to relive in bottle of pop.

Overall, Blueberry Pie Soda is somewhat of a dud in execution.