Review: Fanta Naranja

It’s time for a famous Steve Tanner beverage review… this time live from Costa Rica! Up for testing… Fanta Naranja!

Fanta Naranja

Fanta Naranja is Costa Rica’s version of Fanta Orange, which, as we concluded in our review, pretty much stunk.

I’m happy to report that Fanta Naranja (which is “Orange” in Spanish) is an excellent drink. This is good for Coke, which makes Fanta, as outside of North America, Fanta is Coca-Cola’s second-biggest brand.

The drink smelled good, not fake. It has a fruit juice type of flavor, more akin to something made from real fruit. We’ve been drinking a lot of real fruit juices here in Costa Rica, so I thought it was a fair comparison.

As for the taste, it’s somewhat bitter, with a hint of tangerine. It probably shares more with Poland’s version of Fanta Orange, Fanta Pomarańczowa, than with the lame U.S. version. It quenched the thirst quite well. I’m thinking this was due to the second ingredient listed: Azucar. Thanks to my handy VOX Super-Mini Spanish and English Dictionary that somehow magically appeared in my luggage (thanks Jason, you rock!), it would appear that “azucar” is sugar (something we don’t have in the U.S. version of Fanta.)

So yes, once again, just like we learned with Kosher for Passover Coke, America’s soft drinks are lame compared to the rest of the world because of our foolish reliance on high fructose corn syrup instead of real sugar.

Overall, excellent beverage and highly recommended.