News: Carbonated Soft Drink = Sparkling Beverage

What the heck are “sparkling beverages”? Coke and Pepsi, actually.

Cola makers’ semantic shift aims to refresh
Financial Times
By Andrew Ward in Atlanta
Updated: 11:12 p.m. CT Feb 23, 2007

When Neville Isdell, chief executive of Coca-Cola, addressed investors following the group’s fourth-quarter results last week, there was something missing.

Not once during the hour-long conference call did he use the words “carbonated soft drink”, the industry term for the company’s sweet, fizzy liquids.

Instead, Mr Isdell introduced a new description: “sparkling beverages”.

The change in language is part of wider efforts by Coke and Pepsi to refresh the image of their flagship products, amid increasing competition from healthier, non-carbonated beverages.