Review: Archer Farms Mangosteen Herbal Red Tea

Archer Farms Mangosteen Herbal Red Tea

Archer Farms Mangosteen Herbal Red Tea is a Target store brand of beverage. It had sort of a citrus flare, but was basically just smelling like tea. Possessed a nice, mellow taste that was incredibly smooth.

Coming Soon Update: Diet Coke Plus

Official press release from Coke about Diet Coke Plus: “Coca-Cola North America today announced it will launch Diet Coke Plus™, a sparkling, calorie-free beverage with vitamins and minerals. In addition to providing great, refreshing taste, Diet Coke Plus is a good source of vitamins B3, B6, and B12, and the minerals zinc and magnesium.”

Review: Monster Energy

Monster Energy

This energy drink review highlights Monster Energy, the flagship brand in the Monster family. The color of this beverage was similar to apple juice with a somewhat red tint. As for the taste, think citrus + medicine.

Review: Boylan Bottleworks Black Cherry

Boylan Bottleworks Black Cherry

Awesome drink sweetened with natural cane sugar. This beverage review highlights a soda done right. A little sweet, good body, rich and bold. Boylan Bottleworks Black Cherry is an excellent gourmet soft drink.

Review: Coca-Cola Cherry

Coca-Cola Cherry

It’s still Cherry Coke, so this isn’t a beverage review. However, with a new name — Coca-Cola Cherry — and a new package design that looks somewhat girly, Coke breaths new life into an old favorite.

Review: Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream

Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream

This drink doesn’t possess a strong caramel flavor, but it is by far the best the “Jazz” series has to offer.

Coming Soon: Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero

A vanilla flavor extension for Coca-Cola Zero will be coming soon.

Returning Update: Vanilla Coke

Vanilla Coke will soon return as Coke does an odd thing and actually “reintroduces” a beverage they phased out a few years ago. How weird it that?

Review: Vault Red Blitz

Vault Red Blitz

Not as acidic and biting as Mountain Dew Code Red, Vault Red Blitz is mellow and shares similar properties with original Vault. Unfortunately, the berry flavor is substantially weak and not very noticeable during our beverage review.

Review: Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

With a confusing name more complicated than Disneyland Resort Paris, Coca-Cola Cherry Zero isn’t really Diet Cherry Coke. Our soft drink review notes the weak cherry flavor and expected diet aftertaste.