Review: Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

Here’s a name that is really confusing as far as format. Recently, we’ve seen Coke move to the following two templates regarding their product naming:

  • Coca-Cola [insert flavor here]
  • Diet Coke [insert flavor here]

Then came along Coca-Cola Zero. And given its success, it’s not surprising that flavored versions would be arriving. So what does Coke decide to call their first installment?

  • Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

Note how this is not Coca-Cola Zero Cherry or Cherry Coca-Cola Zero.

Coca-Cola Cherry Zero

The whole thing reminds me of when Disneyland Paris went through some rebranding a few years ago. It was originally named Euro Disneyland, but after all the financial problems and refinancing, they renamed it Disneyland Paris. However, when a second park opened next door (Walt Disney Studios Paris), a “resort” name needed to be created to encompass both parks, the hotels, and shopping area in one big brand. The obvious choice based on Disney naming trends was Disneyland Paris Resort, but instead they went with Disneyland Resort Paris. Yeah, still can’t figure that one out. But where were we?

Oh yeah, this flavored Coke Zero thing. (I sort of forgot I was writing a beverage review!)

Now, it should be noted that this drink isn’t the same as Diet Coke Cherry. That drink is actually still around, but now only available in 12-pack cans. Coca-Cola Cherry Zero was introduced in late-January/early-February as the first variant of Coke Zero. Thus why Coke Zero got a facelift and why the original Cherry Coke also got some attention along with a new design.

You’ll note the bottle design actually shares a lot with the style of the revised Coca-Cola Cherry flavor, with purplish cherries featured on the label. If you look carefully, however, you’ll note that the ones featured on Cherry Zero have holes in the middle of them! The description on the bottle reads “calorie free cola with cherry flavor.” Also, the bottle is black, with red/purple highlights, linking it with the Coke Zero branding.

Upon opening, it smells just like traditional Cherry Coke. Once you drink it, however, there’s a notable difference. To me, the cherry flavor was rather weak, which is not what I expected. It has the typical aftertaste you’d expect in a diet drink (sweetened by aspartame and acesulfame potassium, which is also known as Ace-K).

I would assume that if you liked Coca-Cola Zero, you are going to like Coca-Cola Cherry Zero. I didn’t really care for either. :p