Review: Coca-Cola Cherry

Back in August 2005, I wrote about how Coke was rebranding many of their flavored beverages behind stronger brands. Here’s an excerpt:

…it’s no surprise that Coke seems to be rebranding many of their beverages to take advantage of the strong “Diet Coke” brand. Part of this effort is moving products from a weaker brand to now sit below the strong Diet Coke brand. This is happening to both Diet Cherry Coke and Diet Vanilla Coke, which now become Diet Coke Cherry and Diet Coke Vanilla.

Coke seems to have taken this one step further by not only rebranding flavored colas under the “Diet Coke” banner, but also now focusing on the non-diet flavors. This time around, they are placing these entries under the “Coca-Cola” banner (not “Coke”).

Coca-Cola Cherry

We first saw this take place last January when the ill-fated Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla was launched. Not only was the name rather hard to say, the product didn’t sell well either. Coke is phasing it out by early 2007.

Diet Cherry CokeDiet Coke Cherry

Previous Cherry Coke packaging appearances (for the diet version)

The rebranding has been extended to that which was formerly known as Cherry Coke (as was first rumored in December 2005). It’s now officially known as Coca-Cola Cherry, complete with a red/purple color scheme on the label. (Do I dare say it looks more “girly”?) Nothing has changed with the taste. It’s the same.

Frankly, it will always be Cherry Coke to me!