Review: Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream

Last July, Pepsi rolled out an extension of diet drinks based around a new brand called Jazz. Upon this rollout, we got some beverages with pretty long names: Diet Pepsi Jazz Black Cherry French Vanilla and Diet Pepsi Jazz Strawberries & Cream. Both didn’t taste very good.

Along comes February 2007 and an new addition to the Jazz lineup, Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream.

Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream

Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream

The Jazz lineup is interesting in that it follows the trend of a lot of beverage producers these days… diet-only flavors. There is no regular version of these drinks. Like Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Cherry Zero, Diet Pepsi Jazz Caramel Cream is sweetened by aspartame and acesulfame potassium, which is also known as Ace-K.

The fragrance of Caramel Cream is very similar to that of the now-discontinued Vanilla Coke or Pepsi Vanilla (I miss those flavors!) Upon first taste, my reaction was, “hey, that’s not too bad for a diet drink!”

Jazz Caramel Cream doesn’t have a very rich caramel flavor, unfortunately, but there is quite a bit of creaminess. It has a nice start, but the finish has your traditional diet taste, which turned me off. The carbonation also seems quite high, as the belch factor was definitely up there! However, it is by far the best of the Diet Pepsi Jazz flavors so far.