Review: Archer Farms Mangosteen Herbal Red Tea

Now for something a little different…

The other day I tried Archer Farms Mangosteen Herbal Red Tea and found it to be surprisingly good. In case you didn’t know, Archer Farms is a store brand of Target typically used for beverages, snacks, and frozen foods. Typical of a Target product, it has a certain “hipness” or “fashion” to the way it is packaged.

Archer Farms Mangosteen Herbal Red Tea

Archer Farms Mangosteen Herbal Red Tea

Target officially describes Archer Farms as “a premium, affordable brand of groceries found throughout Target and SuperTarget stores. The Archer Farms brand is known for its superior-quality, unique product offerings including a wide variety of gourmet groceries, appetizers and European-style baked goods. From breads, juices, kettle chips and ice cream to imported olive oil and coffee harvested by hand, SuperTarget guests are sure to find an array of foods to please the entire family, while knowing they are purchasing quality, one-of-a-kind foods at affordable prices.” And here we thought it was just a store brand!

This tea blend came in a 16 oz. bottle and claims to be “naturally flavored” and “caffeine-free”. It should be noted that it is sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Some other interesting ingredients also show up on the label, including rooibos tea extract and pear juice concentrate.

Personally, I had no clue what “Mangosteen Herbal Red Tea” was supposed to taste like. Per Wikipeida, mangosteen is described as a tropical evergreen tree with an edible fruit that is “deep reddish purple when ripe, while the fragrant flesh is sweet and creamy, citrusy with a touch of peach flavor.”

The color of this beverage was rather reddish… think tea with a tint. Upon opening the bottle, a fruity tea smell emanated from the opening. It had sort of a citrus flare, but was basically just smelling like tea. Then I drank it. It was good overall, with a nice, mellow taste that was incredibly smooth. There was a pleasant sweetened tea aftertaste that felt crisp and clean. You could definitely pick out the influences of mango and peach flavors.

Overall, a quality beverage with a unique taste.