Review: Diet Pepsi Max

Diet Pepsi Max

Perhaps PepsiCo’s answer to both Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coke Plus, this Diet Pepsi spinoff features a new batch of artificial sweeteners, more caffeine, and some ginseng for good measure. The best part of Diet Pepsi Max? The very excellent packaging!

Coming Soon Update: Diet Pepsi Max

Pepsi tosses out this press release with some sort of made-up “research” justifying the existence for their new offering, Diet Pepsi Max. Big push on the “ginseng” and “more caffeine” angles.

Review: Big Bamboo Irish Moss Jamaican Peanut Drink

Big Bamboo Irish Moss Jamaican Peanut Drink

A peanut drink? This beverage review tackles the unique offerings of Big Bamboo Irish Moss Jamaican Peanut Drink. The overall opinion? Much like a peanut butter milkshake, complete with a very thick texture and overly peanuty taste. Not too bad!

News: Jones Soda drink to include “Pharma Gabatm”

Jones Soda has landed the rights to use some “natural ingredient” from Japan called “Pharma Gabatm”. Um, sure. The intended use is in a future energy drink.

Review: Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero

Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero

Forget Diet Vanilla Coke. The Zero line is all the rage with this 2nd flavor extension, Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero. Our soft drink review notes that the vanilla flavoring isn’t very strong, which unfortunately allows the aftertaste to shine through.

Update: Jones Soda Cream Soda (Pure Cane Soda Version)

Clarification regarding Jones Soda’s use of the term “inverted cane sugar” from an e-mail sent by a reader with a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry.

Review: Fanta Grapefruit

Fanta Grapefruit

Fanta Grapefruit, or Fanta Toronja as the Spanish side of the label proclaims, is a light citrus beverage. Not as strong as Fanta Citrus or Canfield’s 50/50, but decent. This beverage review takes a look at this cloudy-colored drink.

Review: Coca-Cola Vanilla

Coca-Cola Vanilla

Back from the dead, Vanilla Coke is rechristened as Coca-Cola Vanilla in this soda review. Aside from stupid Coke method of naming, it’s the same Vanilla Coke you fell in love with. It’s better than Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla!

Review: Sunkist


This beverage review of Sunkist notes that it’s one of the few orange sodas that actually contains caffeine, in contrast to such other popular options such as Fanta Orange, Tropicana Twister Soda Orange, and Orange Crush. And frankly, it’s better than those.

Review: Jones Soda Cream Soda (Pure Cane Soda Version)

Jones Soda Cream Soda (Pure Cane Soda Version)

This soft drink review takes a look at the revised Jones Soda line, no longer sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. Jones Soda Cream Soda is instead sweetened with “inverted cane sugar”. What is inverted cane sugar? Sweet, but good.