Review: Boylan Bottleworks Root Beer

The Boylan Bottleworks series of drinks that are “sweetened with pure cane sugar” continues to catch our eye, especially after our positive experiences with the very flavorful Boylan Bottleworks Black Cherry and the excitedly crisp Boylan Bottleworks Ginger Ale. Next up for tasting was Boylan Bottleworks Root Beer, described with two words on the bottle label: “BEST” and “HEAD”.

Boylan Bottleworks Root Beer

There are hundreds of flavors of root beer out there, each with their own unique characteristics that attract different segments of the market. I was curious how Boylan was going to differentiate their take on root beer, especially to justify the premium pricing of their version and the fact that this flavor seems to be noted as the flagship of their Bottleworks lineup.

They set the context with a description from their website:

Although root beer dates back to the 1860s, it was not until recently that there has been a dramatic sales increase in this flavor category. This new popularity is due partly to the super-creamy style of root beer that is now being bottled. Even though these vanilla-laden root beers are tasty and have instant appeal, we believe that customers will tire of them quickly. It is for this reason that Boylan had chosen to develop an authentic, traditional tasting root beer. Boylan Bottleworks Root Beer has a rich and spicy sassafras flavor with only a subtle creamy note.

Once again, the quality of the packaging came forth. Boylan Bottleworks Root Beer comes in a dark brown glass bottle (vs. the green one used for Ginger Ale and the white one used for Black Cherry.) Of note from the ingredient list is the inclusion of “natural yucca extract”. A little research concluded that the use of yucca in root beer is to increase the frothiness of the drink, thus supporting Boylan’s claim for “BEST HEAD”.

The core flavor in root beer comes from the root a sassafras plant. However, apparently sassafras is considered carcinogenic, thus lots of different natural and artificial flavorings have appeared to make up the difference… thus the wide diversity in root beer flavors.

Upon opening the bottle, the scent was very much root beer. That probably is a no brainier, but you never know sometimes. Flavor was solid, nothing odd to note. In fact, that pretty much described the experience. This wasn’t a “bells and whistles” root beer… it was just plain ole root beer! The flavor was simple, clean, and smooth. Very little bitterness that you tend to find with some root beer flavors. Good combination of tastes involved. I actually envisioned that this incarnation would make a great root beer float!

Another solid flavor in the Boylan Bottleworks line. Recommended!