Review: Jones Soda Sour Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2007)

Starting things off as we take a look at the Jones Soda Halloween collection for 2007 is a unique beverage with the title of Sour Lemon Drop Dead

Jones Soda Sour Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2007)

In 2006, Jones released a flavor during this time of year simply titled Lemon Drop Dead, which I thought was rather good. It was solely available in 12 oz. bottle format as part of a limited edition 4-pack. We recall it being very lemony.

2007′s Sour Lemon Drop Dead is only available in the 8 oz. can format. This time around the can is yellow, featuring a blue and orange pumpkin face that seems to be squirming. This is no doubt due to the sour content of this beverage!

Sour Lemon Drop Dead is yellow in color, much like a lemonade drink. The scent is has weak lemon overtones. Upon drinking, however, the sourness really kicks in. There isn’t much in the way of actual flavor (which is the same as we found last year with Lemon Drop Dead), but what you did taste was intensely bitter. It’s missing a solid punch… other that sourness. It wasn’t as enjoyable of a drink as last year’s installment with a similar name.

Overall, not a horrible drink… it definitely didn’t taste like Lemon Pledge or something like that (meaning it was an improvement over Diet Coke with Lemon). Actually, it could probably best be described as a sour version of Sierra Mist Lemon Squeeze. There’s lots of lemon in there, but not a whole lot of flavor.