Review: Jones Soda Gruesome Grape Soda (2007)

Jones Soda Gruesome Grape Soda is a returning flavor from 2006 and is another installment in the 2007 Jones Soda Halloween 2007 collection. Featured in a 8 oz. purple can available only via exclusive 4 packs from Target, it’s sweet, but tasty!

Jones Soda Gruesome Grape Soda (2007)

While the can design from 2006 was purple as well, it contrasted with the current offering by featuring a smiling green pumpkin face. For 2007, the can got meaner! This time around, a one-toothed sinister face (featuring green and orange colors) greets you while you drink this beverage.

Overall, it’s a pretty good grape soda. Very sweet and candy-like, which makes the 8 oz. size just about right as far as consumption. I probably liked the less-sweet flavor found in Tropicana Twister Soda Grape better when considering it on the merits of a grape soft drink. But Gruesome Grape is superior in flavor to Fanta Grape.

As a novelty drink — and especially one from Jones — this is a pretty good installment. The fact that it was sweetened with inverted cane sugar also goes a long way regarding the enjoyment factor of this drink.

Tasty, but super sweet!