Review: Jones Soda Candy Corn Soda (2007)

In an exact clone from last year, Jones Soda Candy Corn Soda returns for 2007, complete with the same packaging from 2006 — featuring a black can with a scary yellow and orange face — which in itself was a repeat from 2005. The drink is available in 8 oz. cans sold in 4-packs. The only difference? It’s now sweetened with inverted cane sugar vs. high fructose corn syrup.

Jones Soda Candy Corn Soda (2007)

Surprisingly, the drink didn’t taste as bad as I remember from 2006. You may recall that we described it as “dirty urine” in our previous taste test. The scent was still overtly fake and rather unsettling. And the taste itself was very sweet… almost too much. But it didn’t prompt a gag reflex as much this time around. I rather wonder if this is due to the change in sweeteners. In either case, the nuclear yellow coloring of the drink is sure to stain any fabric it touches, so be careful!

Unlike the other 8 oz. can entries in this year’s 2007 Jones Soda Halloween collection, Candy Corn Soda is not one where I desired to drink the entire can.