Culture: Hot Dr Pepper

While this happened before my time, apparently the Dr Pepper Company had an ad campaign in the 1960s that promoted consumption of their soft drink hot. Yes, as in "let's warm it up on the stove!"

Hot Dr Pepper

Hot Dr Pepper

The above 1968 advertisement recently surfaced on the photo sharing site, Flickr. The copy reads as follow:

Hot Dr Pepper
Here's something truly different. Dr Pepper… which is great as an ice cold soft drink… is also delicious served steaming hot. And Hot Dr Pepper is so easy to prepare. Just heat Dr Pepper or Diet Dr Pepper in a saucepan till it steams. Then pour over thin slices of lemon. Hot Dr Pepper. That's a hot idea!

And here folks think recent flavor ideas like Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate are crazy!

This vintage commercial demonstrates the elegance associated with Hot Dr Pepper:

Finally, here's another Hot Dr Pepper image, which appears to be some sort of point-of-sale signage:

Hot Dr PepperHot Dr Pepper

So, has anyone ever tried Hot Dr Pepper? We've experimented with making coffee using Dr Pepper instead of water, but never this. I think I might have to try this during the Christmas season… simply to check it out!


  1. I'm a big Dr. Pepper fan (as well as Cheerwine), but have never tried it piping hot.

  2. Oooo. I just might have to try it.

  3. I'm not sure if this is true or not… but I've heard that Hot Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like Regular Hot Dr. Pepper.

  4. FernLaPlante says:

    LOL @ digitalbenjamin. I think I am going to try Hot Dr. Pepper

  5. gingameggs says:

    Hot Dr. Pepper is actually very yummy and a great alternative during the winter! I first had it at the Pepper's Deli in Black Mountain, NC where they have all things Dr. Pepper! It is a staple there during the winter for sure, but it may even be served year round! Give it a try, its a fun drink for everyone! :)

  6. I have friend that made a Dr. Pepper drink in her crock pot over the holidays. It was non-alcoholic and seemed as thouhg it had some spices, she is not keen on sharing her recipes and would love if someone out there has the recipe and would have some ideas.

  7. ima pepper says:

    I have a white West Bend Fiesta coffee pot that is imprinted with "Try Dr Pepper Hot", with a 1963 date stamp on bottom. Nope, I prefer my DP ice cold!

  8. RyanLN says:

    I used to drink hot Dr. Pepper when I was a freshman in college (1989). I believe I read about it in a magazine- possibly Playboy- and I recall serving it as suggested, over a slice of lemon. I recall it tasting like an offering from Celestial Seasonings, only without the tea flavor. It's not bad, but you there is no comparison to a hot mug of cocoa on a cold winter's day.

  9. My grandfather used to drink hot Dr. Pepper all the time, so I've heard.

  10. I agree with RyanLN about hot Dr. Pepper tasting like tea-less Celestial Seasonings, of which I am a fan. Yum! It is good mixed with hot prune juice too.

  11. I never even *heard* of hot Dr. Pepper until someone (Dr. Pepper) tweeted about this on Twitter. Wow! Love the old commercial!

  12. one time i left my dr. pepper in the car in summer and it got really hot, and i drank it just to gross out my mom, but it was actually very good.
    i tried to convince people of it and no one believed me, and now i've found this article which supports my discovery!

  13. I grew up drinking hot Dr Pepper with lemon, and it is truly delicious! Now that I can make it with Dr Pepper Heritage with real sugar, it's even better. Try it, you'll be hooked.

  14. Ive been drinking it since the 60s.
    Its great !
    There uses to be a TV commercial with a bunch of fir trappers up north in Canada and they all thought "Jacque" had one winter too many because he was going to do this to keep warm.

  15. I hadn't heard of hot Dr. Pepper until my wife and I visited Dublin, TX a couple of years ago and it was available there. Since it was late December, I found it very appropriate and tasty too.

  16. Sharon Whitaker says:

    When I was small (in the 60's) they always had hot Dr. Pepper at the high school football games. We bought it every Friday night in Denton, TX. I loved it!

  17. i once left an open can of dp in the door panel of a black car in the hot tennessee summer sun. When i returned a couple hours later, i was surprised to find a syrupy, yet delicious drink! Fast fwd 5yrs and my freshman class homeroom in high school had a an old large dr. Pepper wall thermometer with an icy dp on one end and a white mug of steaming dp topped with a lemon wedge. ….mmmmmmm

  18. I looove hot Dr. Pepper…it's the only way I drink it, actually. Someone turned my mom and I onto it years ago as a remedy for a sore throat…now, it's my winter staple. Actually have a mug right now in my dorm room (sidenote: using a microwave can give a similar effect as a saucepan, but not quite as tasty). Enjoy your "Hot Doc"!

  19. Is that Donna Loren singing the jingle at the end? She is back recording again.

  20. I remember the Donna Loren commercial in the 60's that showed you how to make hot Dr Pepper. Everyone was outside in the snow in their stretch ski outfits. She drank it out of a clear mug with a lemon slice and it was steaming hot. I thought it looked very "cool", haha. I was 11.
    I was in Dallas and she was always on Shindig. Guess they were the sponsor.

  21. Back in the late seventies and early eighties in Wichita Falls, Texas we used to buy "Hot Dr. Pepper" at the concessions stands at the local high school football games which were held at Memorial Stadium. It was wonderful! I think I remember hearing that "Hot Dr. Pepper" was only good if made from the "pure cane" sugar variety-but I cannot find anyone to confirm this.

  22. I am going to try this hot Dr. Pepper. Now the question is, how to heat it up? In the microwave or on the stovetop? I'm afraid if I do it on the stovetop, there will be a sticky residue left in my pot. If I do it in the microwave, I fear a giant toxic monster will emerge from the combination of the radioactive waves and the secret Dr. Pepper formula.

  23. Warm soda sounds awful, but I've never tried *hot* soda. I'm totally trying this next time I have some Dr. Pepper. If I don't like it, I can always add ice!

  24. Did you every try this? I'm curious….


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