Culture: Hot Dr Pepper

While this happened before my time, apparently the Dr Pepper Company had an ad campaign in the 1960s that promoted consumption of their soft drink hot. Yes, as in "let's warm it up on the stove!"

Hot Dr Pepper

Hot Dr Pepper

The above 1968 advertisement recently surfaced on the photo sharing site, Flickr. The copy reads as follow:

Hot Dr Pepper
Here's something truly different. Dr Pepper… which is great as an ice cold soft drink… is also delicious served steaming hot. And Hot Dr Pepper is so easy to prepare. Just heat Dr Pepper or Diet Dr Pepper in a saucepan till it steams. Then pour over thin slices of lemon. Hot Dr Pepper. That's a hot idea!

And here folks think recent flavor ideas like Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate are crazy!

This vintage commercial demonstrates the elegance associated with Hot Dr Pepper:

Finally, here's another Hot Dr Pepper image, which appears to be some sort of point-of-sale signage:

Hot Dr PepperHot Dr Pepper

So, has anyone ever tried Hot Dr Pepper? We've experimented with making coffee using Dr Pepper instead of water, but never this. I think I might have to try this during the Christmas season… simply to check it out!


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