Review: Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda (2007)

There seems to be a resurgence of chocolate-themed soft drinks during this fall/winter season appearing on the market. We’ve already taken a look at Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr Pepper, which had a pretty positive result. Now it’s time to jump into another chocolately-based soda adventure found in the 2007 Jones Soda Holiday collection. So kick off your shoes, huddle by the fire, and wrap your hands around a nice mug of Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda.

Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda (2007)

Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda

This drink is available as part of a 4-Pack, meaning you can share the cocoa experience many times over! And to be honest, that’s not a bad idea, because this drink is pretty good. Yes, it’s surprising that this didn’t taste gross, given the pattern of Jones holiday flavors.

Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda (2007)

4-pack Bottle Packaging – One Side
Photo #9040 by Chele V, Albany, NY
(Apparently, Chele has a short last name!)

Appearance wise, the soft drink is very brown in color, dark, and cola-like. Upon opening the bottle, there is an amazingly authentic chocolate smell. Very attractive. The scent is reminiscent of melted chocolate.

Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda (2007)

4-pack Bottle Packaging – Other Side
Photo #9053 by Lauren Renner, Lexington, SC

Upon my first sip, there was an initial chocolate taste. That impression grew as the flavors hit the back of my throat and delighted across my tastebuds. The flavor had that somewhat “liquid powder” impression that you would associate with hot chocolate. It was delightful to see that pleasantly brought to a soft drink format.

Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda (2007)

Festive blue & green ornaments
Photo #9026 by Julie Davis, St. Louis, MO
(My favorite photo out of this batch!)

Surprisingly, there isn’t much of an aftertaste. It’s a pretty clean flavor, probably due to the use of Jones’ inverted cane sugar that they like to brag about these days. Because of that, yes, Christmas Cocoa Soda is Kosher, so tell all your Jewish friends! Additionally, there’s a decent combination of sugar and salt to bring out the flavors (47g and 35mg, respectively), but not make you gag like previous Holiday Pack attempts (I’m looking at you, Turkey & Gravy!).

Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda (2007)

Pipe cleaner reindeer?
Photo #9077 by Erin Welsh, Adel, GA

Like other Christmas-oriented 4-Pack installments, the labeling is green and red, with silver letters denoting “Jones Pure Cane Soda”. There are sayings under the screw cap like other Jones bottled drinks (Mine said “You will be successful in any gathering.”)

Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda (2007)

This dog totally is going to mess up the tree
Photo #9072 by Curt Cochran, Dumfries, VA
(Curt is from Dumfries, VA. Do they have Dumb Onion Rings too?)

Also continuing a Jones Soda tradition, the use of customer-submitted photos can be found on this holiday-themed beverage. These images not only appeared on the bottles, but also on both sides of the cardboard 4-Pack packaging.

Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda (2007)

These arches look pretty cool!
Photo #9023 by Eric Pennington, Enumclaw, WA

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Jones Soda Christmas Cocoa Soda. This drink is recommended by those of us here at It’s not exactly something you’d have with dinner or would drink all the time, but as a uniquely-flavored holiday beverage, Jones nailed it. Now, one wonders if you were to give it the Hot Dr Pepper treatment and partake of this soda hot, would it still be good? Would it taste like real cocoa?

If you try that, let us know!