Review: Jones Soda Apple Sauce Soda (2007)

What are latkes without apple sauce? We previously mentioned the following in our review of Jones Soda Latke Soda:

[... a latke is] a potato pancake, made with egg and potato, typically fried and seasoned with onion. Folks like to add toppings to latkes, including sour cream, cheese, and apple sauce.

Apparently to make sure that you have the right toppings, you can find Jones Soda Apple Sauce Soda in the Chanukah Pack, part of the 2007 Jones Soda Holiday collection.

Jones Soda Apple Sauce Soda (2007)

Jones Soda Apple Sauce Soda

One would expect an apple sauce-flavored beverage to taste a lot like apple juice or cider. At least that was my impression. And true to form, Apple Sauce Soda does have that appearance. It’s a darker cider color, a brown-influenced yellow to be exact. The label features a purple/pink gradient color scheme, with the Jones logo noted in silver, and the flavor name colored in off white/light yellow. This packaging look is consistent for all flavors of the Chanukah Pack. It’s very similar in color to Jones Soda Latke Soda.

Jones Soda Apple Sauce Soda (2007)

Is the apple sauce on fire?

The photo on this bottle, Photo #9098, was submitted by Liz Garcia of Seattle, WA, who incidentally submitted the photo for our bottle of Jones Soda Jelly Doughnut Soda, as well. In fact, I find it a bit suspicious that 3 out of the 4 label photos found in my Chanukah Pack come from people in Washington state, the home of Jones Soda. Was there a huge shortage on Chanukah photos? In any case, this photo features a menorah with 7 lit candles, having nothing to do with apple sauce.

Upon opening the bottle, yes, it does smell like apple sauce, though there is a bit of syrup flavor there as well. The taste is pretty close to apple sauce, which was encouraging. It was rather pleasant. Pretty smooth as far as apple sauce-flavored drinks go, I guess. The aftertaste was rather clean.

If anything, I felt that the drink’s apple flavor could have been more enhanced. It was almost like you were drinking a watered down glass of apple juice. Or you know when you make concentrated apple juice, and the frozen part hasn’t fully thawed, creating this apple-flavored water in the container? That’s probably how I’d describe the apple effect in Jones Apple Sauce Soda. Oh, and throw some carbonation in there as well!

Like the rest of the Chanukah Pack, Jones Soda Apple Sauce Soda Soda is Kosher and caffeine free. Sweetened with inverted cane sugar, this drink will cost you 190 calories, 47g of that contributed by the sugar content, 35mg sodium. What’s in the drink? Well, carbonated water, inverted can sugar, natural and artificial flavors, phosphoric acid, sodium benzoate (as preservative), caramel color, potassium sorbate (as preservative), modified food starch, ester gum, and yellow 5.

An interesting flavor option, reflecting a taste that has some existing expectations. Overall, not a bad attempt, but Jones Soda Apple Sauce Soda isn’t very memorable, in either a positive or negative way.