Rumor: Grape Amp Energy / Orange Amp Energy

Word on the street (i.e., a couple of reputable spots on the Web) is that PepsiCo is looking to roll out a couple of flavor extensions to its Amp Energy Drink.

Amp Energy Tall Boy

The Mountain Dew co-branded beverage has seen an increase in visibility, thanks to Amp’s NASCAR sponsorship of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s #88 car, as well as a somewhat scary Super Bowl commercial featuring a guy with jumper cables.

Grape AMP / Orange AMP

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The rumored flavors include Orange and Grape, according to some folks who have been talking with Pepsi representatives. Prospective launch date is March 2008.

Amp Energy Elevate

It should be noted that back in December 2007, a trademark filing for “Amp Energy Elevate” was discovered, which may indicate the name of a future grape or orange flavor. No other details were provided in the filing. Let’s see if these rumors come true or not!