Coming Soon: Pepsi Retro (Mexico)

Following the announcement of a cane sugar-sweetened Pepsi in the UK (Pepsi Raw), Mexico rolls out Pepsi Retro.

Pepsi Retro

(Source: CNNExpansió

According to the folks on the BevNet forums, the drink will contain "natural ingredients, cola nut extract, and cane sugar… available in non-returnable glass bottles, 600 ml PET bottles, 500 ml PET bottles, and 12 oz. can." It's also rumored to have strong carbonation.

Pepsi Retro

(Source: CNNExpansió

Additionally, an article on Hispanic-focused CNNExpansió note that the drink is a Mexico-exclusive with a marketing budget of about $7 million U.S. dollars. The piece also claims that the beverage will be "calorie-free", however, that seems to be in conflict with the use of sugar cane as the primary sweetener. Obviously, a correction is needed there. If you use real sugar, there are going to be calories!

Pepsi Retro


The drink is partially a response to the slowing economy in the United States, thus it will have a very targeted promotional emphasis, including various commercial partners, with hopes to improve Pepsi's sales numbers in Mexico. At this point, it has not been determined if this is a permanent line extension of a limited edition soft drink.

The use of the name "Pepsi Retro", along with the historic Pepsi logo font and various other stylized images is an obvious marketing decision to tie into the emotional remembrance of a historical Pepsi flavor. Unlike the positioning of the UK's Pepsi Raw, which is upscale, Pepsi Retro seems to be targeting more of an "everyman" market, while at the same time making old fashioned stuff seem "hip". This may also mean that the audience targeted might be slightly older than the traditional Pepsi drinker in Mexico. We'll have to see what happens with this release.

Here's the CNNExpansió article on Pepsi Retro (in Spanish)…

Pepsi se tropicaliza y se pone retro
Por Enrique Duarte
Publicado: 17:22 13 de febrero de 2008

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (CNNExpansió — Una bebida sólo para mexicanos.

La compañía de refrescos en México lanzó la nueva Pepsi Retro, un producto con 'cero calorías' y elaborado con insumos naturales, que sólo se desarrollará y comercializará en el país y que próximamente será promocionado en conjunto con los socios de la firma.

Pepsi Retro


La inversión inicial para dar a conocer el refresco que utilizará una imagen ‘retro’ será de 80 millones de pesos, y esperan tener un crecimiento en sus ventas de 10% con este producto, explicó José Luis Ortiz, director de mercadotecnia de Pepsi en México.

"Es un producto hecho por nosotros, 100% en México para mexicanos con todo el sabor que estamos esperando", dijo el directivo.

Pepsi Retro


A pesar de la desaceleración económica por la que atraviesa actualmente Estados Unidos, el principal socio comercial de México, la compañía enfrentará la situación con una mayor innovación, lanzando más productos al mercado y sin realizar algún recorte de empleos por lo menos para este año.

Actualmente Pepsi, con todos los productos que ofrece (alimentos y bebidas), emplea alrededor de unas 70,000 personas en México.

Pepsi Retro


"Esperamos un 2008 complicado, por eso estamos tratando de ser bastante innovadores, los porcentajes de crecimiento del Gobierno (mexicano) son bastante más ajustados de lo que pensábamos, nadie sabe cuál es el efecto real de la desaceleración de Estados Unidos", dijo el directivo en una conferencia.

José Luis Ortiz dijo que la compañía aún se encuentra ajustando los resultados obtenidos en 2007, pero adelantó que se obtuvo un crecimiento de 1% en volumen de ventas con respecto al año previo. Además, dejó abierta la posibilidad de que la firma realice alguna adquisición durante este año.



  1. FernLaPlante says:

    When will the US get Pepsi: Old School? I don't want to have to travel to Mexico (or the UK) to try better tasting Pepsi.

  2. el chef carlitos says:

    I have tasted the retro as well as the throwback, both are very similar ,but the Mexican version it`s hands down the winner, the flavor is what Pepsi was 30-40 years ago,(at less in Mexico).
    What beautiful bottles ,the USA it`s always playing catch up with it`s own international products why?……

  3. Another great drink, when I tried it, I thought it tasted like vanilla and pepsi and coke mixed together with something sweet.. but I cannot tell what it is.

  4. Dynamicron says:

    Unfortunately, it turned out to be limited edition (at least in the Monterrey MX area), fortunately, I'm now enjoying, make that ENJOYING Pepsi Natural (600mL PET only for now), and this from a
    die-hard Coke fan!

  5. Hasn't Mexico been drinking the real deal the whole time? I guess the only thing "retro" is the packaging.

  6. B. Okes says:

    I am looking forward to "pure Sugar" Pepsi coming to the USA. I have an intolerance for the artificial & Sweet Substitutes. Total GI upset of gas, diarrhea and vomiting. HOW many people could be suffering with IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME that really is and intolerance of these sweeteners. I accept the fact that Diabetics may be helped by these products. When I can find this item whether it be called Retro or Throback or Sugar-Pepsi I will indeed use the product.

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  10. Coming Soon: Pepsi Retro (Mexico) –


  1. Coming Soon: Pepsi Retro (Mexico)…

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