Coming Soon: Red Bull Simply Cola

Do you remember when we reviewed Red Bull a while back and asked the question as to why they haven’t launched any flavor extensions like their competitors? Well, it appears that the folks at Red Bull GmbH have been busy, because they are soon going to be rolling out Red Bull Simply Cola.

Red Bull Simply Cola


This is probably a good move for Red Bull, as it expands their product offerings, but not necessarily in the energy drink direction. They already have a strong fanbase and market position, so it would seem that fans would give Red Bull Simply Cola a try. Additional, the angle of the product seems to be going after the natural, authentic route that seems to be all the rage these days, namely with Pepsi Raw and Pepsi Retro. That should help to separate it from the pack. No doubt, it will also be priced at a premium.

A friend of our affiliated mothership website,, sent along some digital photos of an industry brochure announcing the new beverage.

Red Bull Simply Cola

Brochure, Outside

Red Bull Simply Cola

Brochure, Inside

They also sent along a link to the German language article about the drink. I’ll include both below, starting with the transcription of the brochure. I apologize for the visual quality of the images.

Red Bull Simply Cola


The Cola from Red Bull.
Strong & Natural.

Red Bull Simply Cola

Inside, Left Panel

Why a Cola from Red Bull?

Why not? And we simply believe that a cola can also be made from natural ingredients. Just like back in the old days.

Red Bull Cola can do without any secrets. On the contrary, all of our ingredients are listed on the back of the can.

Thanks to its formulation, Red Bull Cola is not only a cola, but a special kind of cola: strong and natural.

Red Bull Simply Cola

Inside, Center Panel

Coca Leaf, Kola Nut, Lemon/Lime, Clove
Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pine, Corn Mint
Galangal, Vanilla, Ginger, Mace
Cacao, Licorice, Orange, Mustard Seed

Natural flavors from plant extracts and natural caffeine from coffee beans.

Red Bull Simply Cola

Inside, Right Panel

Strong and Natural.

Red Bull Cola is a special composition of ingredients, all from 100% natural sources.

In addition, it contains flavors derived from both the kola nut and coca leaf, ingredients in the original colas. So, it is a very special recipe. What else would you expect from Red Bull?

The result is a classic, not too sweet cola taste, which comes from using the right plant extracts.

Red Bull Simply Cola

Outside Flap

No Chemistry?

We followed this simple principle in the making of Red Bull Cola. Therefore, our color contains

  • no phosphoric acid
  • no preservatives
  • no artificial flavors

So you see, making a first-class cola can be that easy. Just Simple Cola.

Red Bull Simply Cola

Back Cover

Red Bull Simply Cola

Austrian financial newspaper WirtschaftsBlatt reports on the story as well. A Google Translate conversion to English follows:

Kampfansage: Red Bull launcht eigenes “Simply Cola”
20.03.2008 14:16
Hans Pleininger/Leo Himmelbauer (

Wer 3,5 Milliarden Red Bull-Dosen verkauft, kann wohl auch ein Cola an den Mann bringen. Im April soll es so weit sein: “Simply” kommt.

Dietrich Mateschitz hat gerade ein Rekordjahr hinter sich: 3,5 Milliarden Red Bull-Dosen verkauft, den Umsatz mit Energydrink um 16,6 Prozent auf 3,079 Milliarden € gesteigert, in den Zukunftsmärkten Afrika (plus 59 Prozent), Südamerika (plus 48 Prozent) und Australien (plus 44 Prozent) ordentlich in Schwung gekommen. Bis 2010 soll der Absatz auf sechs Milliarden (!) Dosen gesteigert werden. Zwar ist Red Bull weltweit mit 4600 Mitarbeitern in 144 Ländern präsent, doch wichtige Märkte wie China, Indien, Japan und vor allem Frankreich sind noch zu erobern.

Red Bull Simply Cola

Und jetzt kommt der nächste Angriff auf Coca Cola und Pepsi: Wie das Branchenmagazin “medianet” am Mittwoch berichtet, startet Mateschitz angeblich am 24. April mit einem neuen Produkt: mit “Simply Cola”.

Das neue Getränk werde “das einzige Cola, das sowohl die Original-Kolanuss als auch das Cocablatt verwendet”, zitiert “medianet” aus einem Info-Folder für Kunden aus der Gastronomie. Das neue Cola soll in 250- und 355-Milliliter-Dosen erhältlich sein.

Red Bull Simply Cola

“Simply Cola” ist noch unter Verschluß, jedenfalls aber eine Kampfansage mehr: Denn Red Bull drängt auch in die Fastfood-Restaurants. Mit McDonald’s laufen dem Vernehmen nach Verhandlungen über den Verkauf von Red Bull in den US-Filialen des Konzerns.

Und was sagt Mateschitz zu seinem Geheimprojekt: “Im April kommt Red Bull Cola auf den Markt”, heisst es in der Red Bull-Zentrale in Fuschl. Ein exaktes Start-Datum gebe es derzeit noch nicht, da die Listungsgespräche noch nicht abgeschlossen seien. Fix, so wird dem WirtschaftsBlatt versichert, ist jedoch, dass es die Dose im Red Bull-Design in zwei Größen geben wird – so wie schon im “medianet” zu lesen war der schlanken 250 Milliliter-Ausführung und in der noch jungen 355 Milliliter-Variante.


The Google Translate version:

Attack: Red Bull launches own “Simply Cola”
Hans Plein Ingersoll / Leo Himmelbauer (

About 3.5 billion cans of Red Bull sold, it can probably also a Coke at the man. In April it so far should be: “Simply”.

Dietrich Mateschitz has just completed a record year behind him: 3.5 billion cans of Red Bull sold, with the energy drink sales by 16.6 percent to 3079 billion € increased in the future markets Africa (up 59 percent), South America (plus 48 percent) and Australia (up 44 percent) had properly momentum. Until 2010, the sales of six billion (!) Doses increased. While Red Bull world with 4600 employees in 144 countries, but important markets such as China, India, Japan and especially France are yet to conquer.

And now comes the next attack on Coca-Cola and Pepsi: How the industry magazine Medianet on Wednesday reported Mateschitz allegedly launched on 24 April with a new product: “Simply Cola.”

The new drink will be “the only Cola, which both the original Kola nut and the Coca leaf is used,” cited Medianet from an information folder for customers in the restaurant industry. The new cola to be in 250 – and 355-milliliter doses available.

“Simply Cola” is still under seal, certainly a challenge but more because Red Bull is also pushing into the fast-food restaurants. With McDonald’s are said to the negotiations on the sale of Red Bull in the US branches of the group.

And what Mateschitz says his secret: “In April, Red Bull Cola on the market,” it is called in the Red Bull headquarters in Fuschl. An exact start date, there is not yet, because the Listungsgespräche still not completed. Fix, it is the Wirtschaftsblatt assured, however, that the box in the Red Bull-design in two sizes will – as early as “medianet” to read was the slim 250 milliliter execution and in the still young 355-millilitre variant.