Coming Soon: Sierra Mist Undercover Orange / Sierra Mist Free Undercover Orange

A forum member over at Salute to Soda posted the following image in regards to the previously-rumored Sierra Mist Undercover Orange flavor. PepsiCo moved to protect the trademarks on that brand (both regular and diet) back in December 2007.

Sierra Mist Free Undercover Orange

(Source: Salute to Soda)

It was noted that the image was included in an e-mail associated with PepsiCo’s “Pepsi Stuff” loyalty program, under the guise of being one of the first try to try a new flavor. You’ll note from the image that the diet version is shown, branded as Sierra Mist Free Undercover Orange. The label description is hard to read, but it’s clear that the flavor of “Mandarin Orange” is listed, a nice callback to the taste of Sierra Mist‘s predecessor, Orange Slice.

Sierra Mist Undercover Orange

Also of note from this image is that the drink appears to be clear. Now isn’t that interesting? So maybe the name of “Undercover Orange” refers to the idea that the drink tastes orange, but doesn’t look like it. Clever! And why would they be using this gimmick for a drink like this? Well, it’s just my speculation, but perhaps there’s a movie tie-in at play, such as the upcoming Get Smart film that is set to debut in June.

Sierra Mist Free Undercover Orange

Sierra Mist has been doing a lot of limited edition flavors as of late, including last summer’s Sierra Mist Lemon Squeeze and the 2-time holiday favorite, Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. The idea of a “hidden” identity would fit well with the spy genre represented in the film.

On the other hand, Sierra Mist could be positioning the phrase “Undercover” as their version of Sprite Remix. You remember those flavors, don’t you? Sprite Remix Tropical, Sprite Remix Berryclear, and Sprite Remix Aruba Jam! All were clear beverages based on a lemon-lime product, much like Sierra Mist Undercover Orange seems to be. On top of that, if you look at the logo design, you’ll note that the phrase “Undercover” is larger, with only a subheading of “Orange”, leaving the possibility open for other flavors there.

Well, just like the clear Crystal Pepsi days, here’s to everything old being new again!