Review: Full Throttle Fury

I’m not a big fan of Coke‘s Full Throttle beverage. As I mentioned in my review of their flagship energy drink brand, it tasted like citrus-infused carbonated cleaning solution. That’s not a good thing. But Full Throttle Fury — which has an orange flavor — well, that wasn’t too bad.

Full Throttle Fury

Full Throttle Fury

Let me first talk about the packaging, however. If you look at this can, would it indicate to you that it’s an orange flavor? The color is red, the name is Fury… just what the heck does that mean? Horrible, horrible branding. (There have been some recent sightings of a redesigned can that is actually orange in color and denotes the flavor in print, so perhaps Coke has learned from their mistake. They tend to be stupid. i.e. “Let’s make Coke Zero with a white label!“… oh wait, black is better.)

Upon opening the can, it smells like orange. That’s a good sign. As for the flavor, definitely fruity. The orange taste is obvious, but I thought I detected a bit of cherry as well. Maybe I’m way off, but the drink just didn’t taste like a pure orange flavor. Think Mountain Dew LiveWire… or something else that doesn’t quite feel stereotypically orange.

When compared to the original Full Throttle flavor, Full Throttle Fury is much better in the aftertaste department. Overall its a smoother, drink. There’s somewhat of a bitter taste in the middle of the drinking experience, but it’s not entirely bad. Overall, Fury produces a rather interesting, rich flavor. Huge improvement over the flagship. One would imagine that it would consider PepsiCo‘s Amp Energy Relaunch as a new competitor.

Like the original flavor, Full Throttle Fury comes in a 16 oz. can, denoted with the brand’s aggressive flame logo, which is only made bolder by sitting on a red background. The “Fury” name is denoted in an orange-colored, brash font. The font logo panel also notes that this drink is “A product of The Coca-Cola Company”.

Nutritionally (an oxymoron when you are talking about carbonated drinks), Fury is very similar to the original Full Throttle. It contains 144 mg. of caffeine, which breaks down to 9 mg/oz. This is on par with other drinks in the category such as Red Bull (9.64 mg/oz.), Monster (10.00 mg/oz.), and Amp (8.875 mg/oz.). An entire can will cost you 220 calories, 170 mg of sodium, and 58 g of sugars. When you take a look at the inclusion of nutritional supplements, each 8 oz. serving (there are 2 per 16 oz. can) contains 90 mg of ginseng, 605 mg of taurine, 0.70 mg of guarana, and 14 mg of carnitine.

A full ingredient list is as follows:

Full Throttle Fury
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, taurine, naturalflavors, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate (to protect taste), ginseng extract, caffeine, carnitine fumarate, Yellow 6, caramel color, niacinamide (Vitamin B3), pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), guarana extract, cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Full Throttle Fury is a decent-tasting, orange-flavored energy drink. It’s superior in many ways to Coke‘s original Full Throttle. Only the confusing packaging really hurts the beverage overall.