Review: Tropicana Pure Valencia

In March, PepsiCo‘s Tropicana division announced a new juice line called Tropicana Pure. Basically, it’s a high-end line of drinks with a price to match! Recently, a friend gave us a coupon for free bottle, so we were able to taste test Tropicana Pure Valencia.

Tropicana Pure Valencia

I don’t know if anyone remembers the juice brand Florida Gold. They used to advertise their product as “100% Valencia”… and man, it was some good juice! Definitely my favorite. But for some reason, it disappeared off the shelves. The only other times I got to experience really good orange juice was whenever my family would drive to Florida on vacations. When you hit that Florida Welcome Center, they gave you free juice… and it was great!

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Which brings up to Tropicana Pure Valencia, a pretty tasty orange juice. The official press release provides a little corporate spin on the product:

CHICAGO, March 19 /PRNewswire/ — At last, there is a 100 percent pure juice with such luscious flavor, bold color and delicious taste that it is an orange juice like no other. Tropicana Products, Inc., a division of PepsiCo, Inc. PEP, today unveiled Tropicana Pure Valencia 100 percent orange juice, a national first from the juice leader. The juice will appear in grocery stores nationwide beginning this month.

Tropicana Pure Valencia is the most premium juice Tropicana has ever offered. Crafted from the top 3 percent of Tropicana’s Florida orange harvest, Tropicana Pure Valencia contains only the juice from select Valencia oranges.

Tropicana Pure Valencia

Valencia oranges are known for their deep, rich color; exceptional juiciness; and succulent taste. Unlike other oranges, Valencia oranges spend more than a year ripening on the tree, making them one of the sweetest. Fewer than 15 percent of Tropicana’s 400 groves qualify as potential sources for Valencia oranges for Tropicana’s Pure Valencia. From these, only the perfectly medium-sized oranges with the right taste profile are gently squeezed for Tropicana Pure Valencia.

… Tropicana Pure Valencia is complemented by a line of four other premium, 100 percent pure juice flavors made from luscious fruits. The four flavors include: Raspberry Acai, Pomegranate Blueberry, Indian River Grapefruit and Peach Papaya Mango.

So basically, it’s an expensive juice. How pricey? The 54-ounce hourglass shaped clear bottle that we got for free typically runs about $5. So while it’s good juice, you are going to pay for it.

And on to the flavor experience… the scent of this drink definitely brought an element of “fresh squeezed” to mind. It set itself apart right away with that. Then when you actually drink it… wow, that’s some good juice. Nice smooth flavor, not bitter, not artificial. My only gripe was that there was some bits of “orange parts” in the drink, even though we had a no pulp version. But maybe that’s what premium means. But if I’m going to pay that kind of money for juice, I’d like it to not have stuff floating around in it.

Adding to the “specialness” of this drink was a little booklet that was strapped to the cap of the bottle. Boy, does it go over the top in talking about how wonderful these oranges are! For your reading enjoyment, here’s the text from that booklet:

Tropicana Pure Valencia

This Changes Juice

Introducing Tropicana Pure Valencia.
A taste like you’ve never experienced.
An orange juice like no other.

A Truly Special Juice
The reason is as clear as a sunswept sky: Because this juice is 100% Valencia, and the Valencia is a special orange.


Valencias spend more than a year ripening on the tree, developing a deep, rich color, exceptional juiciness, and an especially succulent taste. Nature truly turns sunlight into sweetness.

Seeking Perfection
Our Valencias go through a rigorous selection process before they’re picked. Only the perfect medium sized oranges with the right taste profile make the cut.

Ultimately, only the top 3% of our entire harvest is chosen for Tropicana Pure Valencia.

Handled With Care
Then we squeeze, but that’s different as well. We squeeze slowly, taking great care and concern with each step. And we embrace the smallest details to ensure only the very best juice.

Tropicana Pure Valencia is our most luscious juice ever. A taste so spectacular, it’ll change the way you think about juice.

To Full Savor Tropicana Pure Valencia:

  1. Close your eyes and breathe in the incredible aroma.
  2. Now open your eyes and take in the deep, intense color.
  3. Swirl the juice in your glass to observe the full body.
  4. Finally, take a sip. Let every taste bud be entertained by the luscious experience of succulent fruit

I must admit, that copywriter was on his game. Who would have thought that something you drink with your bowl of Cheerios in the morning could be a life-changing experience!