News: Mountain Dew Voltage wins DEWmocracy vote

We’ve talked quite a bit about the little viral campaign that PepsiCo has been running for Mountain Dew‘s next flavor. Started last fall, the DEWmocracy initiative outlined the journey for the next Mountain Dew by seemingly providing fans the ability to narrow down choices of flavors, and then finally this summer, voting on the final 3.

Mountain Dew Voltage wins DEWmocracy vote


The 3 choices that debuted in Summer 2008 — which we reviewed here on

The voting closed at the end of July. The winner is Mountain Dew Voltage, the darker, richer of the two berry flavors in the contest.

Here’s the official press release with all the corporate spin:

Mountain Dew Voltage Wins DEWmocracy Election to Become New Brand Line Extension

More Than a Quarter Million Voted for Dew Flavor Created by Consumers

PURCHASE, N.Y. – August 19, 2008 – The people have spoken and Voltage has been elected the new Mountain Dew flavor line extension. Mountain Dew Voltage, charged with raspberry citrus flavor and ginseng, will officially take office in January 2009 when it starts appearing on store shelves nationwide.

The DEWmocracy election was a unique contest between three Mountain Dew flavors – Mountain Dew Revolution, Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Voltage – that were created by consumers. In October 2007, consumers began participating in a series of interactive games at to develop every aspect of the three “candidates,” including the color, flavor and name.

The DEWmocracy candidates were available in stores across the country for a limited time this summer and consumers were fully engaged throughout the election process. In addition to the more than 350,000 votes that were cast at, thousands of enthusiastic consumers were actively campaigning for their favorite flavor on the site. Mountain Dew Voltage received the most votes capturing 42% of the vote.

“Through this groundbreaking promotion that attracted more than 1.6 million to our site, we gave consumers unprecedented control over the brand and they delivered by developing three terrific products,” said Frank Cooper, VP of portfolio brands for Pepsi-Cola North America. “In many respects, Voltage is the ‘People’s Dew.’ Consumers designed every aspect of the product, actively campaigned for it and finally elected it the next line extension.”

DEWmocracy is not ending with the election results. Consumers will also play an integral role in the marketing of Mountain Dew Voltage and they are already being invited to suggest launch events at

Source: Pepsi-Cola North America