Overview: Jones Soda Halloween 2008

Once again Jones Soda has rolled out their familiar orange and black packaging on various special edition products, because the Jones Soda Halloween collection is back for 2008!

Jones Soda

This tradition started back in 2005 with their first release for 4 limited edition flavors in 8 oz. cans: Candy Corn, Caramel Apple, Scary Berry Lemonade, & Strawberry S’lime. In 2006, Jones stepped it up a notch by rolling out 7 different flavors (4 in cans, 3 in bottles): Berried Alive, Spider Cider, Gruesome Grape, Candy Corn, Lemon Drop Dead, Creepy Cranberry, and Monster Mojito. This was followed by 7 flavors in 2007 (again 4 in cans, 3 in bottles): Strawberry S’lime, Candy Corn, Sour Lemon Drop Dead, Gruesome Grape, Dread Licorice, Monster Mojito, and Black Cat Licorice.

For Halloween 2008, Jones once again is sticking with 7 flavors, some returning from previous years, and some new tastes added to the mix. 4 flavors have been released in 8 oz. cans exclusively at Target (sold in 4 packs), while 3 additional flavors are available in bottles (also sold in 4 packs).

The 4 flavors available in cans are as follows:

Jones Soda Halloween 2008 - Cans

Halloween Cans 2008

And don’t forget the 3 flavors available in bottles:

Jones Soda Halloween 2008 - Bottles

Halloween Bottles 2008

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