Review: Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda (2008)

Halloween usually means the colors of black and orange are seen everywhere… and now Jones Soda has added a flavor as part of their 2008 Jones Soda Halloween collection that matches the part. Introducing the orange-colored Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda!

Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda

This flavor is part of the bottled 4-Pack of drinks available for a limited time. The color of the drink is typical of an orange soda like Crush, Sunkist, or Fanta Orange. But that's where the similarities end.

Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda

4-pack Bottle Packaging – Side 1

Upon opening the bottle, you are greeted by an orange scent that is more like a naval orange than others typically used in soft drink smells. And your first taste starts like a typical orange drink, but then it changes. There's a fruity flavor, but it's not quite orange. Instead, it's more like a grapefruit-type of flavor, as if you were to combine Squirt and orange juice.

Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda

4-pack Bottle Packaging – Side 2

The flavor itself is clean, but frankly, not very strong. I felt is was quite weak in the middle part of the drinking process. The aftertaste is clean, but leaves you with a little sour/bitter/fruity experience to finish things off. Not what I expected at all.

I was glad that this drink wasn't gross as it typical of a lot of Jones Soda novelty flavors, but I was really hoping for a more robust orange flavor, especially since it uses cane sugar as a sweetener.

Let's take a look at the customer-contributed photos that appeared on this flavor during the Halloween season…

Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda

Let's start off with this color image (Photo #10101) sent in by Anthony Pavone of Nanuet, NY. I'm going to guess that this baby wasn't a big fan of pumpkins… or Halloween… or anything.

Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda

Following up with another color image (Photo #10089), we have what appears to be a carved and illuminated pumpkin face with more skull-like tendencies. This art was submitted by Ryan Miller of St. John's, Newfoundland. Wow, hitting the scary stuff up there in Canada, I see.

Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda

Moving on to a black & white image (Photo #10093) submitted simply by Kirsten of Warren, MI. It's quite the unique robot costume that reminds me of a large cardboard outfit I wore as a kid around Halloween. It was in the shape of an old Kodak Instamatic camera, complete with flashcube. It was well-praised, but man, what a pain to walk in!

Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda

Finally we have a rather poor image (Photo #10095) submitted by Juli Dimichele of Canton, MI. It appears to be some sort of dog wearing a pumpkin costume. Frankly, it looks ridiculous and I'm not even sure why Jones would have selected this photo. Not a fan.

And before we go, let's touch on the images found on the 4-Pack box. On Side 1 we have Photo #10086 submitted by Christina Sirimanivong of Waukesha, WI. First of all, that's quite a last name! Secondly, I actually know where Waukesha is! Finally, the pirate cat.. cute and good color. Nice job.

Then over on Side 2 we have Photo #10094 sent in by Desiree Wainscott of Cody, WY. It's a small girl wearing a which costume. What sells this shot is the expression on the girl's face. Kudos!

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  1. Thomas Kemper–the Pacific-Northwest based company known for its "microbrewed" root beer, and other specialty soft drinks: sweetened with cane sugar & distributed in glass bottles–has introduced a new line of flavors, aimed at those preferring a less-sweet drink. (Not as spartan and astringent as Dry Soda however.)

    One of the new flavors is Blood Orange. Its flavor is very strong and distinctive; I'd have been unlikely to have recognized it as a type of orange, had I not known the name of the beverage. Enjoyable with food providing a much-needed contrast. By itself, I'd likely find it overpowering and bitter.

    An authentic blood-orange flavor might not appeal to a mass market, which explains why Jones went for a milder variation.


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