Review: Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda (2008)

When you think of an apple-flavored soda, you probably don’t think about something pink in nature. Yet that’s what you get when you try Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda, part of the 2008 Jones Soda Halloween collection.

Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda

As part of the bottled 4-Pack of drinks available for a limited time, the theme of the beverage certainly makes sense. And when you first open the soda a very strong scent greets you. It so wants to be authentic apple, but instead comes off emulating a green apple-flavored Jolly Rancher candy. So I guess we’re going for the fake and syrupy angle here!

Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda

4-pack Bottle Packaging – Side 1

When you actually have the courage to drink this flavor, you’ll find less of the apple experience than you hoped. In fact, it’s the scent of this drink that really saves it from utter horribleness, because the flavor is more like cough syrup than any sort of apple.

Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda

4-pack Bottle Packaging – Side 2

That’s unfortunate, because there is so much potential for a good apple soda. They are pretty rare. Stick with Sidral Mundet if you want something worth drinking.

But before we wrap up this review, let’s at least give credit to the folks who were fortunate enough to get their photos on this not-very-good drink…

Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda

The “vomiting pumpkin” motif is a popular one around this time of year, and it’s nice to know that Photo #10108 doesn’t disappoint. This color image was sent along by Krystal Gamez of Leesport, PA.

Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda

Love cats? Well, I’m not a big fan, but apparently Scott Gandert of Alpharetta, GA is. His image (Photo #10091) features a white cat with a witch hat. Too bad that cat doesn’t have any magical power to make this drink taste better.

Jones Soda Dread Apple Soda

Finally, we have some creepy pumpkin head zombies or something (Photo #10104). This photo was sent in by Edward Regan of Joilet, IL… which isn’t that far outside of Chicago, the HQ for Something about that photo just doesn’t seem right.

Let’s wrap things up with a look at both panels of the 4-Pack box. Side 1 showcases a pretty morbid-but-happy clown (Photo #10078) provided by Natalie Seymour of Jacksonville, NC. I think it’s fitting to have this image on the box for Dread Apple. There’s just so much dread when captured together like that.

Flipping the box around, Side 2 gives us some rather happy looking ghosts courtesy of Jeff Stillson of Nappanee, IN. I wonder if these ghosts are Amish?!

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