Review: Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda (2008)

A flavor from the past returns as part of the 2008 Jones Soda Halloween collection2006′s Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda has returned after a brief hiatus with a sour-infused version in 2007.

Jones Soda Lemon Drop Dead Soda

This drink was originally available in a bottle in 2006, which we recalled being very lemony. Then last year it returned in 8 oz. can form as Jones Soda Sour Lemon Drop Dead Soda. This was like drinking liquefied Lemonheads candy. Very sour, very bitter. Fun for a few sips, but not enjoyable for all 8 oz.

It appears Jones went back to the original flavor profile, dropping the sour, and bringing us a decent lemon drink in a white can dressed up like a mummy.

Overall, the current incarnation is actually much cleaner in taste than the 2006 edition, thanks to the drop of HFCS and inclusion of pure cane sugar. The drink is a cross between Mountain Dew, Sprite, Vault, Squirt, and a host of other lemon-lime drinks, but with an heavier emphasis on the lemon part.

Lemon Drop Dead is one of my favorites in the Halloween collection, though I somewhat miss the unique taste of last year’s sour version. Give it a try!

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