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It's no secret that standard carbonated soft drinks have been losing market share for quite a few years. Beverage Digest reported a 2.3% drop in 2007, continuing a 3 year rate of decline. The industry was last hot in the 1990s — where it saw growth — but so far the 2000s have seen nothing but bad news.

That's why you are seeing such an increased push on non-carbonated beverages, like bottle water, sports drinks, ready-to-drink teas, etc. All the big players are well aware of this situation, including the folks at Coke and Pepsi.

According to both BevNet and Beverage Digest, Pepsi is undergoing a drastic relaunching of their branding and imagery to bring some new life into their flagship brands. The most dramatic mention, according to the article, is a redesign of the "Pepsi Globe" logo, which apparently is now supposed to represent a smile.

New Pepsi Logo

(New Logo Source:

It's also being reported that Mountain Dew will be renamed as "Mtn Dew", at least on the packaging front. Diet Pepsi Max is also being renamed simply to "Pepsi Max", which we speculated about when that drink was launched. Max is a term Pepsi uses elsewhere around the world and it may be their brand to battle the equity that Coke as built up around the term "Zero".

Sierra Mist is also slated for a redesign, but it was not specified exactly what that entailed. Gatorade will be refocused to put an emphasis on the letter "G". Also mentioned in the article was that the core Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max brands will use lower-case fonts.

Does the company really think that changing the packaging will help their fortunes?

Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer Dave Burwick set the tone for the change at a meeting of Pepsi bottlers when he said "If we don't change quickly, we run the risk of being a footnote to history," according to Beverage Digest.

PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer Indra Nooyi told BD she didn't expect the changes to immediately stop the decline of Pepsi CSDs in the face of a difficult economy, but she expects the initiative to slow the decline until it eventually flattens out.


It should be interesting to see how all this rolls out and what the public reaction will be. My gut is that it won't help too much, as the core product is still the same.

In my opinion, Diet Pepsi Max has a lot of potential to really shine in this, as it finally sheds the inhibiting "Diet Pepsi" label. Pepsi needs to grab ahold of that brand — which actually isn't too bad — and really work on pushing the marketing and brand extension.


  1. FernLaPlante says:

    Hmm – the logo looks like the Korean Air logo

  2. Ugly. What were/are they thinking?

  3. Gonetodew says:

    this reminds me of the ' new guy ' theory. " Oh I'm new.. I'll show what I'm worth by redesigning everything!"
    obviously he hasn't spoken to the ' new coke ' guy lately….
    unless of course he's a coca-cola plant!! AH HAH!

  4. Pepsi looks angry…it's scowling at me.

  5. New logo is dumb and lame and a stupid desperate attempt to be something it isn't… new.

    and changing Mountain to Mtn is even lamer.

    how do such dumb people get into positions of such power and influence? they ought to hire Steve! (only for one time consulting, that is!)

  6. on a positive note, I do like Coke Zero (its been my main Dew alternative) as for Pepsi Max that is one good change you mention above, as I don't like buying something that says "Diet" and im probably not the only one. so just Pepsi Max I'd be more likely to try. but it won't increase their sales if I just buy a Max instead of a Dew. so sales would be exactly the same.

  7. DigitalBenjamin says:

    Not a bad idea for the new Pepsi logo, but IMHO it's poor execution. I would never have seen/felt a "smile" in the logo w/o you telling me. The smile also seems to be rotated too much in a counter clockwise direction.

    If they want a warmer more friendly logo, I'm ok with that (as long is it still had ties to the original). But they need better execution.

    (thoughts from a designer that no one prob. cares about)

  8. Well… What does this change signal? A different atittude, a different business model, a different product? It's seems rather irrelevant…

    My take on this one:

  9. I don't think the silver label on the diet pepsi goes well with the brown color of the cola. I'm drinking it now and I feel like this diet pepsi tastes worse than the one I got out of the machine yesterday….

  10. Considering how much Pepsi has donated to the Obama campaign, combined with their blatant "return to the '70s" blaxploitation campaign earlier this year, I would say the company is leaving no confusion about their political leanings. Personally, I think the new logo looks too similar to the Obama campaign logo and I have not purchased ANY Pepsi products since this crap started.

    Furthermore, if that is how they want to vote, that is their right. But don't try to subliminally influence the public any more than you already have.

  11. The old logo was better…


  1. BevBoard says:

    New Pepsi Logo…

    Per the article in BevNET's news section:The brand……

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