Review: Jones Soda Candy Cane Soda (2008)

Returning for the third straight year as part of the 2008 Jones Soda Holiday collection is Jones Soda Candy Cane Soda.

Jones Soda Candy Cane Soda

The first year it was featured we didn’t think too highly of it. It tasted like bad mouthwash. Then last year cane sugar was added and our opinion improved greatly.

4-pack Bottle Packaging – One Side
Photo #10145 by Missi Wenz, Ephrata, MA
(You have to look carefully, but these are actually a bunch of feet w/socks!)

Once again, it’s bundled in a 4-Pack that’s exclusively available at Target, complete with user-contributed artwork on both the bottle labels and the packaging.

4-pack Bottle Packaging – Other Side
Photo #10127 by Arlene Richards, Los Banos, CA
(Do these not look like snowman Marshmallow Peeps?)

It’s a light pink, considerably less red than other holiday-inspired drinks of late, such as Pomegranate 7Up or Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. There’s still quite the minty smell present with this drink that hints at Listerine.

The flavor is the same as 2007, so not much has changed in 365 days since the last time this was available on the market.

Really cool shot of Christmas lights!
Photo #10155 by Cindi Miller Herleman, Aurora, CO

Is someone trying to kiss Santa?
Photo #10194 by Becky New, Hampstead, MD

A dog shot? C’mon!
Photo #10131 by Haidee Gerald, Ocean Springs, MS

It’s minty in flavor, and if the smell wasn’t so overpowering and medicinal, it might actually be decent. It’s tolerable and novel, but not great.

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