Review: Jones Soda Pear Tree Soda (2008)

A new flavor that is part of the 2008 Jones Soda Holiday collection is Jones Soda Pear Tree Soda. I’m pretty sure they are going for the pear flavor, and not so much the actual tree. But with Jones, you never quite know!

Jones Soda Pear Tree Soda

Pear Tree is yellowish in color, hinting a little more to the green side of things, much like an actual pear. It’s more vibrant rather than muted. In other words, not a very natural appearance.

4-pack Bottle Packaging – One Side
Photo #10140 by Susan Bryant, San Leandro, CA
(This is just a nice shot of ornaments with great colors)

It’s part of a 4-Pack that’s exclusively available at Target, complete with user-contributed artwork on both the bottle labels and the packaging.

4-pack Bottle Packaging – Other Side
Photo #10131 by Haidee Gerald, Ocean Springs, MS
(I’ve seen this shot before. Oh, that’s right… here!)

Upon opening the screw-on cap, you actually don’t smell a whole lot. The scent is very hard to place. There’s a sweetness present, but that’s about it.

When you drink it, you have to do a double take, because frankly, there’s not much flavor there. It’s carbonated and all, but that’s about it. We’re talking Sprite-ish in taste, but you can’t even place something like a lemon-lime element at play.

Not only on the box, but Susan got on the bottle too!
Photo #10140 by Susan Bryant, San Leandro, CA

The flavor is severely subdued, but sweet. It’s not a bad flavor, but just not strong enough. The aftertaste is clean, though it’s pretty much non-existant.

I’m not a fan of dogs, seriously!
Photo #10172 by Gerri Shewmaker, Daleville, IN

I was hoping for more of a fruit-inspired flavor here, but that’s just not reality. Perhaps the intent of this drink was to be more of a mixer, because as a stand-alone soft drink, it doesn’t stack up very well.

Is this a garden with ornaments? Very creative!
Photo #10236 by Michael Webster, Delta, BC

However, if you are looking for something very light… and by that I mean VERY light in flavor, then perhaps Pear Tree Soda is something you should check out.

Some sort of static Christmas scene… I liked it!
Photo #10215 by Laura Zaino, Brooklyn, NY

Overall, Jones Soda Pear Tree Soda was a disappointment, but not because it tasted bad… it just didn’t have enough taste… period.

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