Review: Full Throttle Mother

Let’s continue our look at the Full Throttle energy drink lineup from Coca-Cola. We’ve already taken a look at Full Throttle, orange-flavored Full Throttle Fury, and berry-flavored Full Throttle Blue Demon. Next up? Full Throttle Mother.

Full Throttle Mother

Full Throttle Mother

Denoted on the green can with smaller type that boasts the phrase, “Nature is one bad Mother”, Full Throttle Mother was designed to be the drink with “Energy from Natural Sources”. Inspired by an Australian energy drink by Coke (called “Mother”), this beverage is notable because it features the flavor of the acai berry, found on a palm in Central and South America. Acai is popular because of its antioxidant properties.

Lightly colored, almost pink or peach in hue, the smell of Full Throttle Mother can best be described as odd. There’s a fruitiness present in the scent, but it’s bundled with a bitter/stale element. It reminded me of something you’d smell during a hike in the woods, perhaps even the bark of a certain tree. Needless to say, not exactly the most appetizing of scents.

The taste starts fresh and fruity, but then turns bitter fast. I’d say it’s less like the fruity flavors found in the other Full Throttle drinks and more like a green tea of some sort, perhaps like Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale. But the overall feedback that both my wife and I felt was “ugg, this stuff is gross!” Perhaps that’s why Coke formally discontinued it last year. The concept was to be natural, but the execution was a disaster.

Nutritionally, Full Throttle Blue Demon contains 142 mg. of caffeine, which breaks down to 8.9 mg/oz., on par with Full Throttle Blue Demon, but lower than Full Throttle and Full Throttle Fury. This also matches up with the original Amp Energy (8.875 mg/oz.), but below Red Bull (9.64 mg/oz.) and Monster (10.00 mg/oz.).

If you drink the entire can, you’ll be ingesting 230 calories, 40 mg of sodium, and 53 g of sugars. When you take a look at the inclusion of nutritional supplements, this 16 oz. can contains 177 mg of ginseng extract, 1.4 mg of guarana extract, and 1182 mg of acai extract. There is no taurine in this beverage.

A full ingredient list is as follows:

Full Throttle Mother
Carbonated water, apple and pear juices from concentrate, sucrose, blueberry juice from concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors, acai extract, ginseng extract, caffeine, niacinamide (Vitamin B3), alpha tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), guarana extract, cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Full Throttle Mother is the worst entry in Coke’s energy drink line. The flavor doesn’t resemble anything remotely describable and the overall taste experience is quite negative. Despite the claims of natural flavors with acai, it’s not a good beverage. If you come across it for whatever reason, move along!