Super Bowl Commercial: Coca-Cola – “Avatar”

What’s the Super Bowl without commercials? And what’s an update on without a look at the beverage-related spots broadcast during Super Bowl XLIII?

Brand: Coca-Cola
Title: “Avatar”
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

This 60-second ad is part of Coke‘s new “Open Happiness” campaign… one which thankfully no longer has to deal with the moniker of “Classic”, given that the company is finally dropping the name from their flagship drink. According to Coke’s official press release, this ad “shows how people in today’s busy world use technology to stay virtually linked, creating a lack of real connection. When two people in a diner unexpectedly share a Coca-Cola, the human connection breaks down digital walls and creates a moment of happiness.” Or something like that.

For those who don’t know, an “avatar” is a digital representation of yourself in the online world, usually in a game or other type of social network environment. They tend to be quite goofy. This commercial tends to be a high concept fluff piece, but the song that proclaims “Strangers No More” is rather catchy and does a nice job of summarizing the concept. Of course, that assumes the concept was trying to hook up two people over high fructose corn syrup-sweetened goodness, while sitting in a diner that doesn’t exist on Earth, using straws (seriously, straws?) to drink out of glass bottles that Coke doesn’t even use in mainstream distribution.