Super Bowl Commercial: Coca-Cola – “Heist”

What’s the Super Bowl without commercials? And what’s an update on without a look at the beverage-related spots broadcast during Super Bowl XLIII?

Brand: Coca-Cola
Title: “Heist”
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

“Heist”, a 60-second ad, is part of Coke‘s new “Open Happiness” campaign, which apparently translates to “open a bottle, you are happy”… or something like that. Per Coke’s official press release, this commercial “features a man dozing off in a park, unaware of a plot among the park’s smaller inhabitants to unite in an effort to abscond with his Coca-Cola.” With a cheery music score, the commercial almost plays like something you’d see in a Disney-Pixar film like A Bug’s Life. However, the photo-realistic CGI quickly dispels that feeling, as this almost plays like a demo piece by a place like Industrial Light & Magic or something.

The endgame is obviously the bugs stealing the bottle of Coke — and again, I need to mention that Coke doesn’t actually sell glass bottles like this everyday, so it’s exceptionally unrealistic in that sense. However, what is hard to figure out is what the bugs finally do with the Coke. If you watch carefully, it looks like they each make off with what is sort of like a “cup” of the soda, but that’s rather hard to see. I think this could have been make clearer.

Still, there are some clever gags, such as the use of butterflies to create a “fake Coke” at the end of the ad.