Super Bowl Commercial: Gatorade – “Talking Heads”

What’s the Super Bowl without commercials? And what’s an update on without a look at the beverage-related spots broadcast during Super Bowl XLIII?

Brand: Gatorade
Title: “Talking Heads”
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day

After a rather underwhelming commercial last year with the product launch of G2, Gatorade returns with something more brand-oriented. This is “Talking Heads”, part of the repositioning of Gatorade around the “G” tagline through a series of “Manifesto” ads. It’s part of Pepsi’s “reinvention” of brands including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, and yes, Gatorade.

Gatorade’s product line has been redesigned to highlight both the iconic lightning bolt and the letter “G”. Most of the products have been renamed as well. The new look was showcased during the Super Bowl in special bottle designs for the champions.

Regarding the focus of the ad, here’s an excerpt from the press release:

The centerpiece of the “G” Manifesto campaign is a series of signature television spots that show how Gatorade is connecting to a broader range of athletes and active people. In a Gatorade context, “G” is the heart, hustle and soul of athleticism and is a badge of pride for anyone who sweats, no matter where they are active.

The “G” campaign brings together 29 legends, representing 18 sports, who have made their mark on sports and culture over the past six decades, and captures them in a dramatic black and white style by acclaimed film director Spike Lee. Another stand-out feature of the commercials is the narration which is provided by hip-hop sensation, Lil’ Wayne.

While I’m not sure how I feel about the new look of Gatorade with the “G” branding — it somewhat feels like a reaction to Coke’s VitaminWater — the advertising product the goes along with this is the high-profile stuff that the sports drink leader is known for… and this commercial continues that tradition.