Super Bowl Commercial: SoBe – “Lizard Lake”

What’s the Super Bowl without commercials? And what’s an update on without a look at the beverage-related spots broadcast during Super Bowl XLIII?

Brand: SoBe
Title: “Lizard Lake”
Agency: Arnell Group

One of the gimmicks promoted during this year’s Super Bowl was a series of 3D commercials, starting with the trailer for DreamWorks Animation’s Monsters vs. Aliens. PepsiCo got in on the action as well by offering a 3D SoBe commercial as part of the block; NBC also aired an episode of Chuck in 3D.

Looking beyond the fact that the 3D thing isn’t exactly new to the Super Bowl (it’s been done before by Diet Coke), the folks over at Arnell Group should be shot and relieved of their duties regarding the SoBe advertising account. I don’t care if the “SoBe lizards” are part of the iconography of the brand, they are just creepy and lame. They are not attractive or cute like the Geico Gecko or even the old Budwieser Frogs and Lizard. They are just ugly and don’t do a very good job at making a fruit-flavored drink seem like something you’d want… especially in an era when Coke’s VitaminWater brand is beating the tar out of you in the marketplace.

This is just a horrible, horrible ad. It has CGI lizards and real football players (Ray Lewis, Justin Tuck, Matt Light) dancing “Swan Lake”. What? Throw in some characters from a film that hasn’t even been released yet and you’ve got utter confusion. Not to mention, the use of 3D was rather poorly executed, creating a situation where the ad could not live up to the hype. Here is a perfect situation where having too many ad partners involved in what Pepsi described as “the first ever Super Bowl ad cross over event” (Intel, PepsiCo, DreamWorks Animation, NBC) just creates a jumbled, diluted result.


For those of you who have the 3D glasses, here’s the 3D version of the ad for you to watch: