Coming Soon: Pepsi Throwback, Mountain Dew Throwback

Good News! As of March 2011, both Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback are permanent additions to the Pepsi lineup!

Read our updated Pepsi Throwback review and updated Mountain Dew Throwback review, both featuring revised designs.

Update: Read our Pepsi Throwback review and Mountain Dew Throwback review.

Listen to our NPR interview about Pepsi Throwback.

Keep reading below to learn more background information about Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed forum members over at BevNET, we have news of sugar-sweetened versions of some PepsiCo products coming soon.

Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback

Per Beverage Industry magazine, the names will be Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback:

In the middle of April, PBV [Pepsi Bottling Ventures] also will begin distributing Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, which features those brands formulated with sugar.

This is a big deal since mainstream soft drinks in the United States are sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Typically, the only way to get soda from the "big guys" with real sugar is to import it (i.e., Mexican Coke) or wait till Passover (Kosher Coke, Kosher Pepsi).

Pepsi has been experimenting elsewhere with sugar-sweetened drinks. We reported last February about two such entries… Pepsi Raw in the UK and Mexico's Pepsi Retro. It's nice to see some of this finally coming to the States.

A search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Electronic Search System shows the following logos tied to these brands…

Pepsi Throwback
Pepsi Throwback

The requests for Pepsi trademarked names were filed July 18, 2008 (Pepsi Throwback and Pepsi-Cola Throwback), but the filing for the image was done January 9, 2009. It is formally described as the following: "The color(s) dark blue, light blue and white is/are claimed as a feature of the mark. The mark consists of the word PEPSI-COLA in stylized dark blue vertical lettering surrounded by a lighter blue outline and the word THROWBACK in white vertical stylized lettering. The background is dark blue."

Mountain Dew Throwback
Mountain Dew Throwback

Meanwhile, 2 requests for the Mountain Dew trademark name were filed (November 11, 2008 for Mountain Dew Throwback; December 3, 2008 for the new logo spelling of "Mtn Dew", Mtn Dew Throwback). Like the Pepsi logos, the Mountain Dew Throwback logo was filed on January 9 under the full name (Mountain Dew Throwback). The filing includes the following description: "The mark consists of the words MOUNTAIN DEW THROWBACK in stylized letters. The word MOUNTAIN is dark green, the word DEW is red and the word THROWBACK is lighter green. The words MOUNTAIN DEW are on a white background; the entire mark is on a dark green background."

No word on exact launch date, nor of distribution plans, or how long this drink will be on the shelves. Stay tuned to for further updates… and don't forget to follow us on Twitter to say informed!

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  1. First, I've not been a big soda drinker for a long time. I was born in the mid-80s around the time Coke/Pepsi switched to HFCS in their products; throughout my youth I drank thousands upon thousands of cans of Coca-cola, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Sunkist, grape soda, root beer, and others, oblivious to any health effects. By the time I was 15 I was nearly 300 lbs, had juvenile diabetes, and was told I'd have maybe 10 years to live, tops, if I didn't change my diet and sugar consumption habits. After that I went cold-turkey on sodas until Coke Zero came out a few years ago, and that's been a favorite of mine since. After hearing about the Throwback sodas, I realized I'd never had a real sugar soda before, so I decided to treat myself to my first non-diet soda in years last night with a Pepsi Throwback. All I can say is WOW! I cannot remember ever enjoying a soda so much! The taste is just so smooth and rich, without the shocking sweetness or acidity I'd remembered from HFCS sodas. While I won't be drinking these very ofter for health reasons, I bought a few packs to have around for visitors and to give as gifts to older people I know and younger kids too that would, like me, not have ever tasted the real sugar formulas before.

  2. jeremiah says:

    Finally had one… AWESOME

  3. man i was always a coke drinker but this pepsi with the real sugar is the best soda i've ever had! the stores around me sell out so quickly so now whenever i see it i but at least a few. pepsi better keep the real sugar around.

  4. When I was stationed in Japan the soda there used real sugar. Its like being back in Japan, SWEET. Having real sugar is a total no brainer!

  5. I live in Minnesota and recently vacationed in Florida with my wife and kids. Before our trip I was only able to find several 20oz bottles of Pepsi and Mountain Dew…loved them! I found 12-packs in Florida and stocked the family mini-van full of Pepsi, Dew, and probably the best, Dr. Pepper. It was a vacation I'll never forget, and luckily I'll be re-living it for the next few months with my stash!

  6. sisquocsavage1 says:

    Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwbacks remind me of when i was young. You should keep them as in stock all the time.

  7. marv pepsi nelson says:

    I d not buy ANY beverages with hfc never bring any home. I am 57 years old.
    I have purchased 2 cases of Pepsi throwback and I'm drinking 1-2 cans per day. It is much better tasting than the corn stuff, which I do not buy.

    My first stock at age ten was Pepsicola, and I have worked for FritoLay in the past. I still do not consume your aspertaime products, HFC syrup drinks or any Frito products with MSG.

    I am purchasing every throwback product that I can and will continue.

    I suggest changing your product back to sugar permanently.

    A teacher friend of mine has done exsperiments anf about 1/2 the never before tasters can tell the difference. Marv Nelson

  8. travelnjones says:

    The difference in the Dr. Pepper is slight. I feel like HFCS hits you with a blast of sweetness that keeps going through to the aftertaste. On the sugar product you get a lot more play in the sweetness. It hits hard then drops off and plays with you a bit. you get more of the soda flavor. I would be cool with Dr. Pepper going permanently to this.

    On the Dew. Man i dont know. The soda changes so much its almost like drinking something else. There are other flavors I never noticed in dew. I dont know if this and the lighter sugar ride is something the extreme crowd will go for.

    Throwback dew is a good breakfast soda though

  9. james h jackson jr says:

    stop waiting for that once a year bone the big companies throw us and support family owned small soda companies who make cane sugar soda year round such as boylan i have bought there soda for over 20 years now its quality soda u can find it at whole foods market and many other places search on their site where u can buy it in your state

  10. I'd love to but the nearest place to me is three states away, sorry. Plus, no matter how hard you try, generic colas do NOT taste like Pepsi. Love the Pepsi Throwback, bring it back and keep it here! I gave up soda over two years ago and its the only one I'll drink. And if you can't tell the difference try only drinking water for six months and then try them both. This is the Pepsi I grew up on and have missed for many years. There is a difference. Bring it back!

  11. OK, I never heard the hype through the grapevine, but bought one at the corner market today…had to Google it to find out what Pepsi Throwback was…I love it! It's not quite as sweet as the HFCS version, and has the old school taste I remember as a kid. (I guess I'm giving away my age) …anyway, it's here in So. CA. And I hope it stays for a long time. They need more commercials though I guess, cause I never heard about it until I bought it. And I am also a hater of HFCS anything….no matter how many dumb friggin commercials they put to try to dupe the public that it's "all natural, and not that bad" ….what do they think? Do they think the public are idiots? Don't they know that mothers have been giving their babies Karo corn syrup for generations as a light-weight laxative? Do they think people don't know why you need to go to the john after a large coffee with artificial "creamer" that's full of the stuff? NO! We are NOT idiots. And we laugh our friggin heads off when you run your dumb_ _ _ commercials.

  12. Avoiding the HFCS garbage, I sumbled upon Mountain Dew Throwback. It is terrrific! Now I'm watching for Pepsi Natural.

  13. Patrick says:

    I have 2 bottles left of Pepsi Throwback left that I had to hide. I had about 8 cans in the fridge I was nursing. Then I went to work and my daughter and her BF raided it. I am on my last can. I really wish they would release throwback as a regular line. I drank more Pepsi in the last few months than I have in years. The only thing they could have done to improve it would have been to sell it in the long neck re-useable bottles… (nothing like dating myself). BRING IT BACK!! P L E A S E ! !

  14. Does anyone know where to find these now? I just saw some in Kroger a few weeks ago, but when I went back, they were gone. I would like to get about a year's supply in order to not have to drink the HFCS kind at least that long.

  15. Who do we talk to to get Pepsi to make Throwback available all of the time (or at least twice a year, I can stock up while it's available to last until it comes back)? I emailed Pepsi and they said they have no plans to make it available again. I'm definitely a Pepsi drinker, but I love the Throwback over HFCS anyday. I'm old enough to remember what it was like before the government stepped in support the corn farmers and HFCS in everything. I want it back, and everyone I know wants it back too. A petition maybe? Another Twitter campaign? Come on people, let's get what we want!!

  16. From an email I just recieved from Pepsi:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us at Pepsi-Cola. I’m happy to hear how much you’re enjoying Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback.

    We’re thrilled to announce that thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received, Throwback is coming back! You’ll begin to see these beverages in stores starting July 31st for five weeks or while supplies last. They'll have the same real sugar formula and retro graphics that you liked so much the last go-round.

    Thanks again for writing.
    Dennis Dowd
    Consumer Relations Representative

  17. When will Throwback Pepsi be available again, and in an heretic question does anyone know where in the NYC area you can buy "Mexican" Coca Cola?

  18. Betty Moore says:

    Mountain Dew is full of bromide that is deadly. One of the worst drinks ever. Any thing citrus flavored has bromide in it. Check it out!~
    I am looking for drinks using sugar but refuse anything with bromide. It destroys the thyroid gland.

    Remember anti- freeze has a citrus flavor.

  19. ChiefSlapaho says:

    Throwback is now back in the stores again…I bought 10 cases of Dew yesterday at Wal-Mart in Springfield, Missouri with an expiration date of January 24 2011…They also had Pepsi throwback, but I hate Pepsi in any formula…

  20. Nancy Voorhees says:

    I am 70 years old and this Pepsi throwbabk is the real deal why did I have to wait so long, lets keep it. Nancy

  21. hfcs = ailment = cure = Money!!!!!!
    hfcs = high cholesterol = crestor (medicine) = money
    hfcs = birth defects , obesity , heart disease , cancer
    hfcs = autism, 80% usa is fat , just ask your dad, how about it
    this is just one thing that is killing america . we can probably make a list of things not killing americans
    for all you cause and effects idiot's
    pre vietnam normal ( little or no hfcs )
    post vietnam fat f**k's ( lots of hfcs)
    what happen to the evolutionary law , are our genes stronger
    wake up smell the coffee (zombies). dont deny you just add fuel to their fire.

  22. I remember when this was the normal back in the '60's–
    Glad to revisit those teeth rotting days with better taste before
    hand wringing scientists warned parents (with no results) that this
    sugar would make yer kids FAT!
    Love it, and drink all I can……

  23. These have been absolutely delicious! :)

  24. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its back in my area every one start watchin for it again ,, i love dew throw back ,it brings back so many memorys i wish they would keep it and stop torturing us

  25. I grew up in the 1970's and remember the sugar cane taste of Pepsi, and it tasted far better than the new throwback varieties. Mountain Dew Throwback is watered down and Pepsi Throwback is missing its unique zing. Maybe some of you older folk are suffering from a memory lapse? This new stuff is HORRIBLE.

  26. I was at the store to buy some pop today and noticed "Mountain Dew Throwback". Then noticed "made with real sugar". As I normally do while shopping I opened it and drank (it's common around here). I fell in love instantly, so I got 2 12-packs of the mountain dew throwback (that's all they had) and 5 cases of Dr Pepper made with real sugar. And I'll be buying more so that if they take it off the shelves again for any reason, I'm covered for a while.

    I know pop and sugar aren't good for you…..but sugar is way better health-wise than HFCS (which the body doesn't recognize or know what to do with). At least my body knows what to do with sugar.

  27. yumm…pepsi and mt dew throwback awesome .i went to the store today and bought a 12 pk of each. sugar really makes it best.hfcs sux cant wait for coke to do it also.i would buy more of these products if they keep them with real sugar.and yes you can tell the difference between real sugar and HFCS the montain dew is really great

  28. I was excited to hear that Mt. Dew was bringing out the "throwback" because HFCS is terrible for one's body. But have to say that "throwback" is TERRIBLE. It tastes like the stuff is fully half sugar. Too, too much. I'll avoid HFCS in other foods, but I need it in my Mt. Dew. BTW: Because I avoid caffeine in general, I find that a Mt. Dew knocks out my migraines faster than Rx meds. Try it. I always keep a case in the house.

    This "throwback" stuff I'm chucking into the garbage. It won't last on the market.

  29. Pepsi and mt dew throwback awesome so cool and interesting, so whats next for them,


  30. Personally, I like the Dew throwback, and I think it's a great marketing concept. Bev. manufacturers should do more of this.

  31. To come up with a better throwback, Dew should have consulted their constituent base. You know, head on down to Arkansas for a real, honest-to-goodness taste test!

  32. It is all about cost for these giant soft drink companies.. In the begining, high fructose corn syrup was "cheaper" and a good substitution for for sugar but now when corn and it's bi-products are so pricey. Sounds like Throw Back was born.
    At the end of the day,,, high fructose corn syrup sucks and long live real sugar drinks!!!!!! You can taste the difference!

  33. Yeah!! It is great to taste the new throwback Mt. Dew it taste like it did when I was growing up. I hope you decide to stay with the throw back, it beats the high fructose syrup dew anyday. My vote is for the Throwback! You can definitely taste the difference!

  34. I am old enough to remember mt dw in cans . this is the way mounyain dew was met to be drank . only can't find it anywhere

  35. I love mountain dew!!!!

  36. Susan Warner says:

    I rarely write about a product but in my house we love pepsi throwback so much we want to make sure it stays on the shelves

  37. Spc.Agt.V.Morton says:

    Pepsi I thank you for REAL SODA! I Love all your Throwback Soda,s. All taste great. Much Better than HFCS. Keep It up….

  38. As someone who tries to limit the amount of sugar in my diet I find the throwback idea comical. I have to admit that it is better than the corn sweetener found in most soda's.

  39. I am excited about this! Those two are my favorite soft drink flavors!!

  40. when coke came out with new coke in 1985,coke knew it would flop so later they would bring back coke with the classic name on it with corn surup instead of suger;not so classic-just good marrket idea.

  41. make m.t.dew throw bake in a glass bottle

  42. I grew up in Cincinnati where Pepsi was king. Atlanta is home now with the home town brew of Coke. This throw idea is real appealing to someone who grew up with Pepsi.

  43. SEO in Atlanta Guy says:

    I think that all beverages should go back to all natural sugar sweeteners as a whole. The more that we learn about our culture and it's health challenges the more that we understand that we need to go back to good old fruit and vegetable driven foods with natural ingredients. I loved the taste of the Mountain Dew Throwback.

  44. This is great! I'd seen the "Throwback" sodas around, but didn't really know what it was all about. Going back to sugar instead of the HFCS is a really good move on their part.

  45. I have switched back to Pepsi (my favorite drink) from Coke (made for Mexico and made with sugar instead of HFS)! It is wonderful to drink Pepsi again, I just wish it came in glass bottles like the Mexico Coke does!!! Soda pop tastes so VERY much better when it is in a GLASS bottle! Nevertheless, I have changed to Pepsi Throwback which only comes in a can in our area here in FL.

  46. I think it is better if they use natural sugar than the high fructose corn syrup, for it's natural flavored. I like also their retro style packaging.

  47. I posted two comments yesterday. They were removed. I wonder why? I explained that Throwback may contain GMO's. Check it out for yourself.
    Harry S.

  48. I miss the original 2009 pepsi throwback….


    I havent drunken any since… I got some in December of 2009 (2nd release) tand tastyed it and threw the whole case away- DISGUSTING COMPARED TO ORIGINAL RELEASE WHICH WAS DELICIOUS!

    People cant ever leave well enough alone…..

  49. Carla Whisenhunt says:

    The Pepsi throwback tastes like they used to in the 70's. I love it, please keep it in stores….


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