Review: No Fear Regular

No Fear is a clothing brand that launched in 1989 by brothers Mark & Brian Simo, targeting the action sports market. You've probably seen someone wearing one of their shirts at one time or another. In 2004, the brand partnered with Pepsi to distribute an energy drink that was branded under the Pepsi-owned SoBe name. Eventually, in 2008, the SoBe name was dropped, leaving the drink to stand on its own solely using the No Fear Energy name. There are currently 4 flavors in the No Fear energy drink lineup. The first is the original flavor, No Fear Regular.

No Fear Regular

One wonders where No Fear currently fits in the Pepsi energy drink lineup, given that they have a owned flagship brand (Amp Energy) and just landed distribution of another established entry (Rockstar, previous distributed by Coke). No Fear would seem to be pulling up the rear as a smaller #3 in the eyes of the Pepsi distribution empire, which may be why you might not find it as easily as the previously-mentioned energy drink brands. It also seems that Pepsi has backed off pushing energy drinks with its SoBe brand, reducing the visibility of SoBe Essential Energy and SoBe Adrenaline Rush offerings.

SoBe No Fear
Previously used SoBe No Fear logo

The original flavor of No Fear, which seems to be referred to by the bland name "No Fear Regular" on the official website, doesn't mention a flavor on the black can — though the website notes it's a "great berry-passion fruit flavor". Capped by the No Fear logo and "skull with wings" logo, a red banner proclaims "Super Energy" on the front. The red color is used as a highlight on various places on the can, basically setting up "red = original flavor". A callout of typical energy drink supplements is found on the bottom of the 16 oz. can, including taurine, L-carnitine, and arginine.

Upon opening the can, it's really hard to place just what in the world this drink smells like. At first, I noted a bit of pineapple smell. Something along the lines of a tropical fruit. The ingredients note the inclusion of grape seed extract, but you'd be hard-pressed to smell grape. However, the use of grape juice concentrate does seem to influence the color of the beverage, which leans towards a light yellow/green hue.

As for the taste, it's somewhat bitter. Not a bad bitter, mind you, but probably not something you are expecting right away. I'd also throw in a hint of sour grape flavor. It definitely was more berry-ish rather than citrus, on par with something you would experience drinking Full Throttle Blue Demon or faintly like Amp Energy Elevate. There wasn't much aftertaste present, and what was there was rather clean.

For those looking for a pick-me-up, No Fear Regular contains 174 mg. of caffeine, which breaks down to 10.9 mg/oz. Comparatively, industry leaders Red Bull (9.64 mg/oz.) and Monster (10.00 mg/oz.) have just a bit less. Pepsi's Amp Energy features 8.875 mg/oz., while Coke's Full Throttle has 9.0 mg/oz.

If you drink the entire can, you'll be ingesting 260 calories, 230 mg of sodium, and 66 g of sugars. When you take a look at the inclusion of nutritional supplements, this 16 oz. can contains 100 mg of guarana extract, 2000 mg of taurine, 200 mg of inositol, 100 mg of ginseng extract, 50 mg of L-carnitine, and 20 mg of arginine.

A full ingredient list is as follows:

No Fear Regular
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, taurine, grape juice concentrate (color), sodium citrate, natural flavor, inositol, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), caffeine, caramel color, fruit extract (color), monopotassium phosphate, grape seed extract, L-carnitine, panax ginseng root extract, L-arginine hydrochloride, zinc methionine sulfate, guarana seed extract, pyridoxine hydrochloride, soy protein isolate and rice flour, selenium complexed with amino acids and polypeptides, folic acid, cyanocobalamin

No Fear Regular has a bitter, yet rewarding taste often associated with energy drinks. The berry/grape taste combined with an attractive sour flavor is surprisingly welcome, while the high amounts of supplements quench those desiring an energy soft drink with a little charge.

Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of No Fear


  1. "No Fear would seem to be pulling up the rear as a smaller #3 in the eyes of the Pepsi distribution empire, which may be why you might not find it as easily as the previously-mentioned energy drink brands."

    You hit the nail on the head. The Sugar Free No Fear is my current pick-me-up beverage of choice and finding it on a groggy morning in my area is like going on a totally not fun scavenger hunt. Meanwhile AMP is everywhere. No Fear had a wonderful "Gold" flavor that is now totally gone. I hate how Pepsi launches these products, gives you time to get attached to them, and then discontinues them.

  2. Why did they have to drop the SoBe logo? At least the stuff's still awesome, I buy it all the time.

  3. d3n73d c4n5?! says:

    Why are the cans always dented and crushed at the lip when they stock them on the shelves at Kwik Trip?

  4. No Fear is better than Amp and Rockstar, and is at a tie with SoBe Energy.

  5. I heard no fear regular is discontinued. Is this true?

  6. NfamousWayneFan says:

    I heard today at the local drive thru that I go to that it is discontinued as was rumored last year. I went to a local Meijer to buy their last 20 cans. I don't know what I am going to do anymore. I don't like most of the other energy drinks. :(

  7. I love No Fear and drink the sugar free cause I'm diabetic.
    It does not taste like any other energy drink. As a matter of fact not long ago I had ordered a case from Amazon Fresh and they ran out before my order processed. They offered me a free case of rock star and I turned it down. Free mind you.

    It makes my stomach feel better and has a better vitamin ratio than the other drinks I have looked at. The slightly bitter, tart tropical flavor leaves an after taste on my tongue that I just love. Unfortunately its so hard to find now even though people are having to push store managers to look for it. It is literally a fight to get it as the shelves empty out really fast. There are always plenty of the other drinks but not the No Fear sugar free.
    As a side note I was told over a year ago that this drink was discontinued by a store manager so I contacted Pepsi my self. I was told that they did not discontinue it but that some of the food distributors had dropped it from their order list. So who are these middle guys making our food choices for us?

  8. No Fear was absolutely the BEST energy drink on the market….the others taste awful. I had just gotten use to the flavor when they yanked it off the market…I want to protest bring "No Fear" back! I've tried to adjust to what's out there in the market but I don't like Rock Star, Red Bull, or AMP. I've switched back to iced tea and coffee.

  9. Im in and i have a lot of other people backing this bring no fear back!!!! Get ahold of me….Theres power in numbers! lets get it back in every gas station!!!

  10. As long as people keep buying the Monster and Rockstar brands stores will continue to not add No Fear to their order list. Which is ridiculous, because I remember No Fear to be a popular energy drink. Don't pay attention to Wikipedia saying that No Fear is discontinued. I still find No Fear drinks at some AAFES stores on my military post.

  11. all of the stores here in Panama City have run out, pepsi distributors are saying No Fear has been discontinued. Is this true? I have tried the others, nothing tastes like No Fear, the others are gross. Please send them back to us, others here are asking the same questions. Tell Buffalo Rock to start stocking them again!!!!!!

  12. I'm at the point that I'm taking weekend trips in different directions stopping at all the gas stations/mini-markets I see and buying all they have left. Just went yesterday north to Georgia and scored 34 cans. This was the best energy drink – BY FAR. Pepsi, PLEASE bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. …………or at least contact me to sell me extra cases.

  14. I'm tied of going from gas stations/ mini-markets, to grocery stores trying to find No-Fear,and when I find some I will get all they have. Me and my wife both drink No-Fear —Please being it back.

  15. I love NoFear, but I haven't seen it in stores in years. Is it still distributed and where can I find it? I'd love to have some again.

  16. I very much enjoyed most of Sobe's products! Especially their NO FEAR line. I cannot believe pepsi has discontinued this line. It doesn't make any sense to me, the stores in my area could never keep up with the demand for NO FEAR and NO FEAR GOLD. It was my daily drink and time and time again I would find myself having to stop at multiple stores in order to find one because their slot was empty. Where does pepsi get off from a business stand point removing a well selling product, that was continuously selling out in my regions gas stations. And replacing it with numerous discusting AMP flavors and Monsters.

  17. I want NO Fear Energy, to me there is no after taste and all that other stuff is horrible, Pepsi please bring it back, I know it sold because everyone kept running out, I have tried other brands and they are not the same

  18. Increasingly hard to find. Frustrating, since as far as taste is concerned (should there be any other consideration?) it's unique and quite good. 5 years ago it was in a SODA FOUNTAIN in Merlin, Oregon. I could get 64oz of this stuff, but that only lasted 6 months. Since then, it's been a steady downhill slide, especially after the incomprehensible drop of the SoBe name. Also, why a silly winged skull on the can? It's embarassing. Leave marketing decisions up to adults, please, and this product would do well, I think.

  19. I can't believe pepsi took no fear off the market! It was the only energy drink a I could stomach due to it's awsome flavor. Do u guys think there is something more to it? Maybe they found it to be unhealthy or dangerous? It certainly is addictive!!

  20. Sobe no fear is the best energy drink ever! Everytime I went to cvs or walgreens their slot would be sold out and monster, amp, redbull, and the other nasty energy drinks would be packed. Something is not right why would they take off a perfectly good quality item like Sobe no fear and replace it with garbage??? This makes absolutely no sense at all!

  21. Pepsi did not discontinue the No fear line, they sold it to another company. I found the company name (but have now forgotten it:/) that purchased it and contacted their rep. They said that they were trying to get it out into stores but it was just up and starting. I requested to get it in our area (Roanoke VA) when my oldest son said he saw it being sold at only 2 Sheetz gas station stores in Salem VA. I was elated!! I would go and stock up buying a 2mnth supply but now have seen that they have been sold out for 6 weeks:( I contacted the Sheetz gas station manager and it seems they are taking it off the shelves but what is strange is that they admitted that it was popular! She was puzzled why they would take it off the shelves too. She is going to contact corporate and find out why. Maybe it wasn't a popularity issue but they can't get it now for some reason. Really sad! i see people on ebay selling it for a small fortune which is a pretty good indicator that somethings up:/

  22. I spoke with the company that purchased the No Fear Energy drink line called Shadow Beverages (I found the name after all) and she said that they had a recent "freeze" which ruined a lot of their drinks being shipped out. I am guessing this is being perceived as a reliability issue with Sheetz gas station (but don't know for sure) and maybe this is why they are taking it off shelves? You can purchased directly from Shadow Beverages for $25 (includes shipping) for a 12 pack!! Wooohooo. She gave me a paypal address for that: You can also call Shadow Beverages and get the same, if not more, information at : 1-866-962-2523.

    I have the Shadow Bev representative contacted me with information for our local distributor on the east coast to find out where this might be locally available. I also have Sheetz corp calling me back so that I can request them to put it back on the shelves!!! :)


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