Review: No Fear Bloodshot

Sometimes when you look at the packaging of an energy drink, it’s hard to figure out just what the flavor is like or even what the “hook” is. Lots of caffeine? Extra nutrients? How does this compare to other drinks I’ve had? Stuff like that. While I may have questioned some of that positioning with the other No Fear drinks, I think the messaging of their latest beverage — No Fear Bloodshot — is a huge improvement.

No Fear Bloodshot

We’ve previously taken a look at the berry-flavored No Fear Regular and its low cal sibling, No Fear Sugar Free. Then there was the hard-to-figure No Fear Motherload, which had a nice sweet/bitter taste, but was hard to describe to others. The folks behind the No Fear drink clarified some of those questions with Bloodshot, starting with the packaging.

First of all, the standard black can with No Fear and “skull with wings” logos are in place. These sit above the phrase “Bloodshot” written in lowercase script similar to a biker-style font. The complimentary color on the can? Orange. What do you think the flavor of this drink is? In fact, right there on the bottom it mentions “with Blood Orange & Dragonfruit Juice.” Makes sense to me. This is supported by some extended prose on the side of the can:

If you ask us, the only good thing about morning is finding out your’re still alive.

So, we mixed up this little courage concoction to take the edge off last night.

With a hit of both real juice and vitamins, synched with some serious energy,

No Fear Bloodshot gets you back on your feet just in time to do it all over again.

So, from that we can pretty much interpret that this is being positioned as a morning beverage. The mention of real juice (30%) supports that as well. Add in the parallels to this orange-flavored energy drink and the traditional breakfast staple of OJ, and it’s pretty clear what this drink is about. I applaud the folks at No Fear for more-targeted marketing on this beverage.

You’ll get a nice “orange soda” scent when you open the can, and upon looking inside, you’ll see an orange/yellow-colored drink. So far, so good.

The taste produces the bitterness we’ve found with the other No Fear drinks, especially Motherload. But there’s also that orange flavor we were looking for. Not a sweet orange, more of a muted one, with a grapefruit influence, not unlike the flavor we found in the Halloween limited edition flavor of Jones Soda Blood Orange Soda last year. I liked it… a lot.

Given its positioning as a morning beverage, it did seem a bit smoother when compared to No Fear Regular and No Fear Motherload, probably taking a page from other drinks who have tried subdued versions of normal flavors in the morning (i.e. Gatorade AM/Shine On). Also, this is of interest… there’s no high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in this drink. According to the ingredients, the sweetener used is sugar! How about that? No wonder it tasted better!

No Fear Bloodshot contains 174 mg. of caffeine, which breaks down to 10.9 mg/oz. — the same as No Fear Regular and No Fear Sugar Free, but lower than No Fear Motherload. This compares to Red Bull‘s 9.64 mg/oz. and Monster‘s 10.00 mg/oz. Pepsi’s Amp Energy features 8.875 mg/oz., while Coke’s Full Throttle has 9.0 mg/oz.

Partaking of all 16 oz. of this beverage will run you 200 calories, 320 mg of sodium, and 46 g of sugars. That’s less calories than the original flavor, but also the highest amount of sodium in the lineup. When you take a look at the inclusion of nutritional supplements, this can contains 100 mg of guarana extract, 2000 mg of taurine, 200 mg of inositol, 100 mg of ginseng extract, 50 mg of L-carnitine, and 20 mg of arginine.

A full ingredient list is as follows:

No Fear Bloodshot
Carbonated water, sugar, grape juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, taurine, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium citrate, dragonfruit juice concentrate, pectin, blood orange juice concentrate, ascorbic acid, monopotassium phosphate, inositol, caffeine, purple grape juice concentrate (color), gum arabic, L-carnitine, grape seed extract, cochineal (color), L-arginine hydrochloride, zinc methionine sulfate, panax ginseng root extractive, glycerol ester of wood rosin, guarana seed extractive, pyridoxine hydrochloride, soy protein isolate and rice flour, selenium complexed with amino acids and polypeptides, folic acid, di-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, cyanocobalamin

With the use of sugar and real fruit juices — including orange, pear, and grape — No Fear Bloodshot is an incredibly-tasty energy drink targeted for morning consumption. The combination of smooth fruit flavors and bitter bite actually produces a refreshing experience that can start your day with a little extra pep!

Full Disclosure: This beverage was provided compliments of No Fear