Wanna win some FREE new Dew?

Last October we gave away some nifty Mountain Dew stuff to celebrate Mountain Dew Voltage winning the big DEWmocracy vote.

Let’s “Dew” it again!

Mountain Dew Voltage
Mountain Dew Voltage

The folks at Mountain Dew launched this minisite at DEWmocracyVoltage.com. Once you register for the site (it’s powered by Yahoo!) you have a chance to play a bunch of minigames and other activities that earn points.

Mountain Dew Voltage
Mountain Dew Voltage
Play games, win points!
(Source: DEWmocracyVoltage.com)

You can use those points for a chance to win stuff in a weekly sweepstakes. What kind of stuff? Shirts, video game equipment, snowboards, etc. It’s a pretty interesting combination that’s worth checking out.

Mountain Dew Voltage

To give you a taste of what you can win, here at BevReview.com we’re going to be giving away 3 Mountain Dew Voltage “Prize Packs”, each consisting of 3 bottles of new Mountain Dew Voltage PLUS a black Dew Voltage T-shirt. (I’ve got mine, and it’s printed on an American Apparel shirt, so nice quality!) We’ve got to thank the folks over at Mountain Dew for these fun giveaways.

Mountain Dew Voltage
Win this Voltage T-shirt!

But now, the real question you are asking is… how do you win?

Mountain Dew Voltage

Here are the rules:

  1. Reply to this post and list all the flavors of Mountain Dew you have tried before. Can’t remember? Here’s a list to get you started:

    Don’t forget to include your e-mail address (which will be hidden) so you can be contacted should you win

  2. Tell me how you heard about this giveaway from BevReview… was it by browsing, RSS feeds, Twitter, etc.?
  3. Use the word “Voltage” in a sentence that doesn’t relate to Mountain Dew
    • Entries are due by Tuesday, April 21 at midnight CDT.
    • 3 random winner(s) will be announced by Thursday, April 23
    • Contest limited to folks in the continental United States

How can you go wrong with this contest? You might get some free soda and a T-shirt! Plus, we’re BevReview.com… you know that we’ll keep all your information private and won’t sell it off to third parties, so c’mon, what are you waiting for?

Video: Mountain Dew Voltage Commercial
(Source: YouTube)

Please spread the word via e-mail, Twitter, Digg, or by yelling at the person who sits next to you! You can Dew it!