Win a Pepsi Throwback Pack!

Update 8/10/09: It’s a Throwback Comeback! Pepsi, Dew Throwback to return in December 2009 for 8 weeks!

I don’t know about you, but it seems there’s a lot of buzz now that Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback have been released. These drinks came out on April 20 and are only available for 8 weeks, thus there seems to be a lot of desire by beverage enthusiasts to track them down in a timely fashion.

Well, what if I told you that is giving away each of these limited-time flavors… along with much, much more! Yes, it’s time for another contest!

Pepsi & Mountain Dew Throwback Pack
You could win all these Throwback prizes!

For those new to the Throwbacks, they are sugar-sweetened versions of Pepsi and Mountain Dew that we’ve been talking about for quite some time. With their combination of cane and beet sugar, retro packaging, and amazingly good taste, I know personally it’s nice to see them live up to the hype. You’ll be able to find them nationwide in 20 oz. plastic bottles and 12-pack cans.

To catch you up on all the fuss, here’s a look at our coverage over the past few months:

Well, thanks to the generosity of the folks at Pepsi — and because of your passion posting here and interacting with us on Twitterwe’re giving away this Throwback Pack! It’s rad. It’s retro. It’s valued at over $150. And it can be yours!

The Throwback Pack includes the following:

Seriously, a USB-powered Lava Lamp? C’mon, you know it’s totally worth it just for that! But hey, you get the lamp and more if you win, so how can you go wrong?

Here are the Contest Rules:

  1. Reply to this post and mention if you’ve tried Pepsi and/or Mountain Dew Throwback yet. If so, tell us what you thought of the drink(s)!
    • Don’t forget to include your e-mail address (which will be hidden) so you can be contacted should you win
  2. List a long-forgetten beverage from the past that you wish you could drink right now
  3. Tell me how you heard about this giveaway from BevReview… was it by browsing, RSS feeds, Twitter, etc.?
    • Entries are due by Thursday, April 30 at midnight CDT.
    • 1 random winner will be announced no later than May 2
    • Contest limited to folks in the continental United States

So if you are having a hard time finding Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, here’s a way you can try to get some for free. Plus, you have a chance to win a pretty nifty Trucker Cap, something that plays tunes, and yes… the Lava Lamp (I’m jealous, seriously!). Enter the contest today, tell your friends, and thanks again for patronizing!