Winners announced in Voltage contest

Last week, we wrapped up a contest to give away 3 Mountain Dew Voltage “Prize Packs”. This prize consisted of 3 bottles of new Mountain Dew Voltage PLUS a black Dew Voltage T-shirt.

Mountain Dew Voltage
Voltage T-shirt

To enter, readers had to list the previous flavors of Mountain Dew they had experienced, along with using the word “Voltage” in a sentence. Here are some of the more unique entries

  • “The voltage in that fence could hold the biggest T-Rex ever conceived and yet not harm an innocent 10 year old boy; we spared no expense.”
  • “I once licked a 9-Voltage battery. Bad times.”
  • “High Voltage software needs to stop already with all these Lego themed video games.”
  • “For years I’ve tried to understand the difference between amperage (amps), voltage (volts), and wattage (watts). Something to do with the size of the pipeline, the pressure in the pipe, and the speed in which is all flows. Or something like that…”
  • “Voltage Monster was the latest (2006) release by Noisecore band Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, and is the one CD of theirs that I own, much to the horror of many of my friends.”
  • “The Voltage that his smile put through me was strong!”
Mountain Dew Voltage
Mountain Dew Voltage

We put all the entries into to calculate a 3 random winners of this Voltage Prize Pack. Those lucky winners are:

  • Abby Guyton (Wendell, NC)
  • Jackie Lai (Hanover, MD)
  • Katie Nicholson (Mesa, AZ)

Your Mountain Dew Voltage “Prize Packs” are in the mail to you! Thanks to everyone who participated and to PepsiCo for offering up the prizes! Don’t forget to drop by for more Voltage fun!