NPR's "All Things Considered" and Pepsi Throwback

Good News! As of March 2011, both Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback are permanent additions to the Pepsi lineup!

Read our updated Pepsi Throwback review and updated Mountain Dew Throwback review, both featuring revised designs.

Hi there! If you are visiting us here at after hearing about Pepsi Throwback on NPR's All Things Considered program, welcome!

I'm your host, Steve Tanner.

I had the delightful opportunity to be interviewed by NPR's Michele Norris regarding the introduction of Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback.

Audio: Listen to the NPR interview with Steve Tanner

We discussed the drinks, what made them different from their normal counterparts, and whether or not the marketplace is demanding beverages that use sugar vs. high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Pepsi Throwback & Mountain Dew Throwback on NPR's All Things Considered

Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback are limited-time drinks available for 8 weeks, approximately from April 20-June 15. They are notable for being sweetened with "natural sugar", which is a combination of cane and beet sugar.

Our reviews:

Pepsi Throwback was first talked about back in February, so I'd encourage you to visit some of our older conversations, read the stories, and note the comments from our beverage community.

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Here's a look at our coverage over the past few months:

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- Steve


  1. Great job Steve!

  2. AuthorialIntent says:

    You've arrived!

  3. Steve…great comments. I have to say, as a Coca Cola guy, this throwback could make me choose Pepsi once in a while over Coke.

  4. Great job, Steve. After listening to your interview I ran to Jewel and got 3 20oz bottles of Pepsi Throwback to enjoy with my dinner. :)

  5. The only right way to drink ANY of this stuff is warm, and then pour it into a glass filled with ice CUBES. TRY IT that way. The flavors really POP, and you will love the sound of the ice cracking. Inhale a good noseful before your first sip. Nirvana!

    Lifestyles don't allow this today, but that was the way we ALL used to drink it in the 1950's. Refrigerators were small, and there usually was not a lot of room to cool bottles of Coke or Pepsi. So it was always room temperature, and then poured over ice cubes. TRY IT that way.

    I only heard about this real sugar today on NPR, and went right out to try to find it. One supermarket was ALL SOLD OUT, the other "didn't have it in yet." and I found it cold in the cooler at a local corner store. I have to let it warm up before I try it. I haven't bought Anything carbonated for years, except Schweppes Tonic Water, and frankly the corn syrup doesn't do ANYTHING for a Gin and Tonic. (They also taste better with warm tonic water over ice). Hopefully that will be switched next!

    Pepsi got rid of the Trans fats in their snack div., and they will see a pick up in carbonated beverages, in my view, if they go back to real sugar. And Coke' won't be far behind if Pepsi is successful. I might even start buying it again! A little GOOD NEWS at a time when there isn't much good news about anything…

  6. Liked the interview – especially when the host opened her cans of pepsi. Last week I found 1 (yes only 1)-12pack case of Pepsi Throwback at Wal-mart. I've already worked through it and have been unable to find anymore. You can really taste the syrup aftertaste when you go back.

  7. Great interview! Do you know if Coca-Cola has any plans, or do I have to resort to the rare Mexican Cokes my grocery store imports?

  8. Nice job. That must've been fun!

  9. I saw a TV ad for Pepsi Throwback during Lost last night. I'm hoping Coke will come us with a product made of real sugar as well.

  10. Yes! I listened to your interview last week and couldn't wait to try Pepsi Throwback. Honestly, if they don't continue it past June 15th, i am going to have to buy up all the Pepsi Throwback I can!

  11. I love this pepsi throwback! I haven't been much of a carbonated beverage drinker in general, just because it's generally not good, in my opinion, but I've bought a case of this stuff and I'm loving my one pepsi a day (I'm being good!)

  12. To everyone who wants old classic sodas, hard to finds, even niche sodas. Gelco's Old World Grocery in Los Angeles. Saw a Huell Howser episode on PBS and was like, wow! Made me question Pepsi's and Coke's motives.

  13. I love the Mt. Dew Throwback, the Pepsi TB, and the Dr. Pepper TB! They all have a smoother taste to them and less of the bitter aftertaste (acidic!)

    However, when it comes to the branding/advertising for Mt. Dew Throwback, they did an absolutely horrible job. For Mt. Dew fans, the 12 pack case doesn't look anything like the original and I (a hard core Mt. Dew & Dr. Pepsi fan) had a really hard time finding it at Cub Foods!

    If Target replaced their logo with a white triangle, would I think they were even the same company? No. Color matters. Color and packaging is what catches us consumer's eyes as we are walking down the grocery store aisles and looking for something to drink.

    So I've been telling every single person I meet who has a can/bottle of pop in their hand about the throwbacks. Every one seems to have the same reaction: they have heard of the pop but haven't tried it. Why?

    When it comes to the 4 P's of Marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion it seems pretty obvious as to why it hasn't "taken off".

    + Product: It's great tasting, smooth, and a lot of people would prefer natural sugar over High Fructose Corn Syrup.
    + Price: It's more expensive, but with the potential health benefits and better taste- it's worth the little price increase.
    - Place: I went to Walmart and walked up and down all the pop/beverage aisles and couldn't find any Throwback. I even asked two associates and neither knew if they had it. I had to make a separate trip to Cub Foods and only on one end cap of an aisle did they have about 6 cases of Mt. Dew and Dr. Pepper. HELLO- If you want people to buy it you have to offer it where it's convenient to purchase. What about encouraging vending machines to try out the throwback? Customers are way more likely to try out a $1.50 20oz bottle than jump for a $4.25 12pk for their first taste. THAT's where new beverages have a chance to gain a following.

    - Promotion: Given the Throwback Mt. Dew doesn't look anything like the current Green Mt. Dew brand, the $$$,$$$'s on TV commercials wasn't nearly enough to launch a whole new product. They failed to piggy back on the hugely successful/popular existing brand and they can only hope they didn't (as a result) doom the Throwback to failure.

  14. RC fan...settling for Pepsi Throwback, for now says:

    What about Royal Crown or RC cola? The real heartbreak for me is that my old favorite from the days of my youth — RC — has yet to do a "throwback" to its trademark bev. But I'll keep hoping, and in the meantime, buying Pepsi Throwback!

  15. I wish they would keep the throwbacks it taste alot better. is there anyways they will allow us to vote weather or not it stays or goes

  16. I just found this. Awesome job, Steve!


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