Review: Zola Immunity Smoothie

Guest reviewer and natural beverage enthusiast George Tsakiridis returns with another review. He previously reviewed Zola Acai Superfruit Juice. We hope you enjoy his thoughts!

In a previous review I presented the Zola Acai Superfruit Juice line. In that same vein I will present the first in a four-part series reviewing the Zola line of smoothies. We begin with the Zola Immunity Smoothie.

Zola Immunity Smoothie
Zola Immunity Smoothie

The smoothie line draws on a similar aesthetic as the Acai Superfruit Juice line in bottle art and design. As I stated in the previous review, it still gives a “rainforest” feel, although in the smoothie line there is a lighter look and each flavor has a different color scheme. Immunity has blue lettering. As with the previous drinks, the smoothies come in 12 oz bottles.

Zola Immunity Smoothie is described as a “Tangy Tart Blend of Acerola & Acai.” It contains 80% juice and 70% organic ingredients (as opposed to the superfruit juices that are certified organic). It is a broad mix of fruits as you might expect out of a smoothie. But again, let’s get down to business. What effect does it have on our senses (i.e. how does it look and taste)?

When I first opened the bottle the smell hit me like a mixed fruit blend, sort of similar to what I might expect out of an Odwalla juice drink. Although not one of the top items in the ingredients, I feel that the pineapple comes through clearly in the aroma. The smoothie looks dark yellow to orange and was fairly thin, yet I feel it was thicker than the Zola Acai juice drinks.

As far as taste, it didn’t sit well with me at first. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it tasted like a liquid, lemony cough drop. Upon a second taste, and a taste the next day, I found this to be inaccurate. The taste is fresh, and gets better the more you drink it; it grows on you. As mentioned previously, the label calls it tart, and this is somewhat accurate. It is slightly tart, but not as much as you might expect.

All in all, I liked this drink and would buy it again. I can’t speak to its actual impact on my immune system, but I am sure it was somewhat beneficial, and it’s a lot healthier choice than most soft drinks on the market.

Full Disclosure: These beverages were provided compliments of Zola Acai