Review: Zola Antioxidant Smoothie

Zola Antioxidant Smoothie

Zola Antioxidant Smoothie features a blend of acai berries and banana. However, we found the taste somewhat odd, almost olive-like in nature. With a purple/orange color, it was not what we expected. However, those seeking an antioxidant-specific drink may want to explore this option.

Review: Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue

New Game Fuel flavor for the summer of 2009. Surprisingly not very berry-tasting, the muted flavor profile was actually a notable element that we liked. Unfortunately, it was hampered by an unpleasant syrupy aftertaste.

Review: Jones Soda Mandarin Orange (Naranja Mandarina)

Jones Soda Mandarin Orange / Jones Soda Naranja Mandarina

Whatever you call it — Jones Soda Naranja Mandarina or Jones Soda Mandarin Orange — this Hispanic-influenced drink features an excellently satisfying flavor experience. It’s a different type of orange taste, one that’s not as bitter, but surprisingly mild and smooth. ¡Muy bien!

Review: Hansen’s Natural Cherry Vanilla Creme Soda

Hansen's Natural Cherry Vanilla Creme Soda

Guest reviewer George Tsakiridis notes, “I would buy Hansen’s Natural Cherry Vanilla Creme Soda again in a heartbeat!” Just like our experiences with Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer Soda and Hansen’s Natural Mandarin Lime Soda, Hansen’s seems to have another flavor success on their hands.

Review: Mountain Dew Game Fuel Horde Red

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Horde Red

It’s great to see the return of Mountain Dew Game Fuel, now expanded to 2 flavors. Horde Red is a flashback to 2007′s original flavor, which did have a distinct cherry-ish taste, but was also quite syrupy. The real advantage of this drink is the 6.0 mg/oz of caffeine, far greater than you’d find in original Dew. If you want a buzz, this is your beverage!

Review: Amp Energy with Green Tea

Amp Energy with Green Tea

We really liked Amp Energy with Green Tea. If you are a tea fan, then this is a drink to check out, combining the unique taste elements with the features of an energy drink. The sweetness of the general Amp Energy flavor counteracted the sometimes bitter experience you get from a tea, but the overall flavor profile blended with with a citrus hint. Thumbs up!

Coming Soon: Coca-Cola Plus Catechin, Pepsi Shiso, and other odd flavors (Japan)

Coca-Cola Plus Catechin

Japan is slated for some new, interesting flavors from Coke and Pepsi. Coca-Cola Plus Catechin will have a green tea influence, while Pepsi Shiso sports a basil-inspired taste. These fit in line with other recent oddities from the Land of the Rising Sun, including Pepsi Ice Cucumber, Pepsi Blue Hawaii, and Pepsi White.

Attack on the Chicago Cubs Gatorade Fountain Machine!

Chicago Cubs / Gatorade machine / Carlos Zambrano

A Gatorade fountain machine located in the Chicago Cubs dugout was attacked by a player during a May 2009 baseball game. Learn about what provoked the assault, what flavors were involved, and the repercussions on the sports drink world!

Review: Sunkist Naturals Glorious Greens

Sunkist Naturals Glorious Greens

Despite the odd green color found in Sunkist Naturals Glorious Greens, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. With a balance of apple, kiwi, and other smoothie-ish flavors, this drink hit the spot. Hats off to the solid packaging design as well, which drew in a non-smoothie drinker like myself with its nice visuals and familiar brand name.