Review: Amp Energy with Green Tea

In 2009, the folks at PepsiCo have rolled out 3 new permanent flavors as part of the Amp Energy lineup. We’ve already taken a look at the lemonade-flavored Amp Energy Lightning. This was joined by Amp Energy with Black Tea and the drink we’re taking a look at today, Amp Energy with Green Tea. It should also be noted that a limited edition flavor also joined these 3 this year, Amp Energy Tradin’ Paint.

Amp Energy with Green Tea

This release pattern in 3′s seems to be a habit in the Amp lineup. If you recall, back in March 2008, we saw the rollout of another 3 flavors that joined the traditional Dew-inspired original and its cherry-spinoff Overdrive. These flavors were the grape Amp Energy Traction, berry-inspired Amp Energy Elevate, and orange-infused Amp Energy Relaunch.

While the triplets of flavors in 2008 reflected existing Pepsi/Dew tastes, the three in 2009 seem to be setting out on their own. We saw the world of lemonade visited with Amp Energy Lightning, and now we’re entering the interesting realm of “Tea + Energy Drink” with the Green Tea Amp extension.

Teas are hot in the marketplace these days, with the folks at AriZona, Lipton, Snapple, and Nestea continually looking to expand their lineups, notably with green teas. Aside from showing up expected tea products, you are starting to see these flavors added in unusual places to promote the ideas of health and infusion of antioxidants. For example, we found it an odd combination last year when we reviewed Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale, but the experience was quite positive, even though you probably didn’t expect tea in your ginger ale!

This is the background we have as we explore Amp Energy with Green Tea. If you don’t look carefully at the can, you might think this is some sort of camouflage/military drink, since the green and gold colors are accented by a leafy pattern in the background. Unlike the other flavors in the Amp Energy lineup, there’s no crazy name that doesn’t mean anything (“Relaunch”, “Traction”, etc.). The name of this product is exactly what is is… Amp Energy with Green Tea. It’s an interesting divergence from the typical naming patter, but perhaps the folks at Pepsi felt that this name was the most effective.

Below the logo on the front of this cane is the phrase “Defend”, highlighting the inclusion of beta-alanine and antioxidants. There’s also a claim that this drink contains a “Charge of Green Tea and Yuzu”. Not being all knowing, I had to look up “yuzu“, which is apparently a citrus fruit from eastern Asia with roughly a grapefruit/orange flavor. Around the top of the can, there is a gold band featuring words that proclaim elements in this beverage, as is typical for other Amp Energy flavors. This time around we are greeting with “Amino Acids”, “Energy + Tea”, and “Ginseng”.

Rotating the can slightly, there is additional text fond under a secondary logo panel:

Strengthen your body with the power of Amp Energy with antioxidants plus beta-Alanine, B-Vitamins, Ginseng and intense hits of Green Tea and Yuzu.

The power of Amp Energy plus lemonade flavor and a specially formulated blend of L-Carnitine, Guarana, and B-Vitamins for an explosive energizing bolt.

Amp Energy with Green Tea – More Power To You

As is the tradition with other Amp Energy beverages, the pulltab reflects the primary color of the can, in this case… green, like the original Amp Energy flavor.

Apparently, beta-Alanine is a type of amino acid, which helps to process proteins to create energy… just in case you were wondering. I know I was!

That’s all fine and dandy, but what does this drink taste like? The color is that of a pale amber, similar to the hue you’d find with ginger ale. You are greeted by a sweet smell, hinting at tea and lemon, but not much else. My first sip brought with it a slightly bitter “beginning”, producing a tangy and bubbly sensation on my tongue. This was a different experience for me when compared to other Amp Energy flavors, which tend to reflect flavor profiles in line with traditional carbonated soft drinks. There’s some sourness in the flavor, but don’t be mistaken, the tea experience is there. In fact, it dominates all the way through to the aftertaste. The overall flavor is sweet, with a lemony/citrusy overtone present… perhaps that’s the much heralded yuzu coming into play. Either way, the tanginess produced a nice kick in flavor and sensation in the mouth. It surprisingly had a lot in common with the tastes we experienced with Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale. It’s different, but it’s good.

Like the original Amp Energy and Amp Energy Overdrive, you’ll find an assortment of nutritional supplements in this drink. Here’s a breakdown based on 8 oz. servings (there are 2 per 16 oz. can). Amp Energy with Green Tea contains ginseng (17 mg vs. Amp/Amp Overdrive’s 10 mg), taurine (148 mg vs. Amp/Amp Overdrive’s 10 mg), guarana (124 mg vs. Amp/Amp Overdrive’s 150 mg), and B vitamins (2 mg). It also features beta-Alanine (350 mg), maltodextrin (63 mg vs. Amp/Amp Overdrive’s 55 mg), and about the same amount of sodium (70 mg vs. Amp/Amp Overdrive’s 65 mg, Amp Traction’s 70 mg, Amp Elevate’s 65 mg, Amp Relaunch’s 110 mg).

Amp Energy with Green Tea contains more caffeine than the original Amp Energy and Amp Energy Overdrive, breaking down to 9.75 mg/oz. per can, in comparison to Amp/Amp Overdrive’s 8.875 mg/oz. (Standard Mountain Dew contains 4.5 mg/oz., while Red Bull has 9.64 mg/oz. and Monster clocks in with 10.00 mg/oz.)

A full ingredient list is as follows:

Amp Energy with Green Tea
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavor, beta-Alanine, green tea, sodium hexametaphosphate (to protect flavor), taurine, guarana seed extract, caffeine, maltodextrin, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (preserves freshness), niacinamide, panax ginseng root extract, calcium pantothenate, calcium disodium edta (to protect flavor), pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6).

I really liked Amp Energy with Green Tea. If you are a tea fan, then this is a drink to check out, combining the unique taste elements with the features of an energy drink. The sweetness of the general Amp Energy flavor counteracted the sometimes bitter experience you get from a tea, but the overall flavor profile blended with with a citrus hint. Thumbs up!