Review: Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue

In March, Pepsi announced that 2 new versions of Mountain Dew Game Fuel would be hitting the marketplace for a limited time this summer. Themed to tie into the World of Warcraft massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), a citrus red version and a wild fruit blue version were created. Today we take a look at Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue

Unlike Mountain Dew Game Fuel Horde Red, which is a return of 2007's original Game Fuel flavor, Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue is all new… at least according to a Pepsi representative when we inquired about the flavor. Their quote: "Alliance Blue is a completely new flavor developed specifically for this launch." Thanks to the addition of Alliance Blue, I guess Game Fuel has become a multi-flavor franchise for Mountain Dew!

It's a new Wild Berry flavor… that's familiar

It's a new Wild Berry flavor… that's familiar

Having hit the stores here in June, it's officially available for 8-10 weeks. Based on the June 8 date of Pepsi's press release, that ends the run between August 3-17, most likely dependent on local supplies. For those wondering, the original Mountain Dew Game Fuel had a 12 week run.

Because spelling "Mountain" was too hard

Because spelling "Mountain" was too hard

Like Horde Red, this Mountain Dew flavor features the new "Mtn Dew" spelling noted in the revised logo. As I mentioned previously, it's a curious inclusion given that we've seen the official rollout of the DEWmocracy winning beverage Mountain Dew Voltage — which is being shipped using the old style Mountain Dew logo — even though there are filed trademarks and logos for the spelling "Mtn Dew Voltage".

WoW, it's a new Dew!

WoW, it's a new Dew!

Given that this drink is pretty much a marketing promotion for World of Warcraft, that's what Pepsi has been emphasizing when promoting Alliance Blue. The company probably devotes 2-3 sentences to the drink in the announcement press release, touching solely on the fact that "Mtn Dew Game Fuel is available in two varieties that represent the opposing factions of the game: citrus-cherry-flavored Horde Red and wild fruit-flavored Alliance Blue" and "Mtn Dew Game Fuel will be available in 20-ounce single serve bottles and 12-packs of 12-ounce cans from June through the summer. A full slate of advertising will support the product's launch with TV and radio spots created by BBDO NY and digital from Tribal DDB."

The primary color scheme of Alliance Blue is blue and black, with a yellow/orange logo that uses the "Mtn Dew" logo with a sharp, angular style. The World of Warcraft logo prominently appears above the Dew logo, while a small subtitle denoting "Dew with a Punch of Wild Fruit Flavor" sits towards the bottom.

Don't make her mad!

Don't make her mad!

Nowhere on the label is the promoted flavor of "Alliance Blue" actually mentioned. In fact, on Pepsi's own product facts website, they refer to this flavor as "Mountain Dew Game Fuel – Wild Fruit". If you keep reading on facts website, it's noted that "Wild Fruit flavor represents the Alliance, who fight to restore order to the war-torn world of Azeroth." Despite the freaky eyes found on the main character showcased via the Alliance Blue label, I still think it's an improvement over the green thing pictures on the Horde Red label. As I've mentioned, I don't play in the World of Warcraft universe, so if someone would like to identity this character in the comments, you are more than welcome to do so!

Non-branded Review Can for Alliance Blue flavor

Non-branded Review Can for Alliance Blue flavor

Looking at the color of Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue, it's a very nuclear blue. We're talking the type of hue that you'd typically associate with Easter egg coloring kits. What, did PAAS make a deal with Pepsi or something? The color is brighter than that you'd see in Mountain Dew Voltage, bolder than last summer's Mountain Dew Revolution, and probably closest in look/feel to Pepsi Blue. The look of this drink is most definitely going for that highly surreal, artificial hue.

Do you like HFCS?

Do you like HFCS?

When you open a bottle or can, the smell you are greeted with is rather sweet, with a hint of berry. The taste, however, was surprising. Given the blue coloring, I expected quite the berry flavor. To be honest, it was quite muted, rather dull in flavor. I wouldn't say it was the same formula as Mountain Dew Revolution, but the lightness of the fruit flavor was on parallel with that. Interestingly, it wasn't an overtly BLUEberry flavor. The packaging notes that this is a "wild berry" drink, and frankly, if you closed your eyes and drank it, I think you'd have a hard time telling it apart from Mountain Dew Code Red. It's just that neutral.

Mtn Dew Game Fuel

I'd argue that Alliance Blue tastes more cherry is basis than the implied Horde Red flavor. Call me crazy! But as we speculated when this drink was announced, you really do have to wonder if Alliance Blue has some sort of shared heritage with Mountain Dew Revolution. The one thing you can't miss is the aftertaste, which is quite fake and syrupy. The carbonation level was probably not as strong as normal Dew, while the acid level seemed to be lower as well. It's not a great flavor of Dew, and I don't think it could sustain itself as a regular entry. Then again, I didn't think Mountain Dew Voltage was sustainable either… yet it's the newest permanent line extension… go figure!


Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue
Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), gum arabic, caffeine, sodium citrate, glycerol ester of wood rosin, calcium disodium edta (to protect flavor), Blue 1, brominated vegetable oil, Red 40

A 20 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance will cost you 280 calories (10 less than Horde Red), and give you 105 mg of sodium, and 76 g of carbs — all of which are sugars.

More logo fun!

More logo fun!

The Game Fuel lineup is known for its high caffeine content and Alliance Blue doesn't disappoint with 6.0 mg/oz. Actually, if you increase the number of decimal places, it looks like Alliance Blue (6.125 mg/oz.) may have just a tad bit more caffeine than Horde Red (6.000 mg/oz.). These numbers are higher than original Mountain Dew's 4.5 mg/oz., while Coke's Vault has 5.875 mg/oz. Though higher than regular Dew, Alliance Blue is still clear of energy drink territory, where Red Bull has 9.64 mg/oz. and Monster clocks in with 10.00 mg/oz.

Note Wild Fruit branding, not Alliance Blue

Note Wild Fruit branding, not Alliance Blue

The return of Mountain Dew Game Fuel supports Pepsi's strategy of short-term line extensions to build interest around their brands. Dew has quite the track record in this area, having seen more spin-offs than probably any other PepsiCoproduct. For example, do you remember these limited-time flavors?

Unlike the returning Horde Red which was a repeat of 2007's original Game Fuel, Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue is a new flavor for the summer of 2009. Surprisingly not very berry-tasting, the muted flavor profile was actually a notable element that we liked. Unfortunately, it was hampered by an unpleasant syrupy aftertaste.


  1. I think I'll pass. I liked Dew Throwback… it was the first time a "Dew" tasted like Dew in a long time. I'm weary of Pepsi's endless attempts to market new drinks to Dew fans that are nothing like Dew. I think I'll just stick to Mountain Dew "Classic" and ignore these "new dews" like I do every other new drink that shows up on the shelves for a short period of time. I'm not going to try a drink just because they slap the name "dew" on it – its a weak and lame method to sell a new drink to an audience they already have. The reality is, Pepsi doesn't make a penny more when they get me to drink a "new Dew" over my classic Dew, I drink the same amount of drink regardless. A better idea would be to actually come up with a NEW DRINK that tasted so good, it would not only attract loyal customers of the brand line, but more importantly earn new drinkers who are as devoted to Coke, Diet Coke or any other non-Pepsi drink as I am to my Dew. It must be truly hard to come up with new good tasting drinks, so they succumb to slappin' "dew" on it to be sure they sell a few. Such efforts will always yield short term buzz and long term failure. I suggest a new strategy: a genuinely new drink that tastes new, fresh, exciting, and would create a long term buzz… just like Pepsi did when they created Mountain Dew!

  2. The local c-store has a feature in the soda machine that allows you to add flavoring to your soda. When I stop in for a 32oa I like to throw a little grape syrup flavoring in my Mtn Dew. It is actully quite good. Mtn Dew should try that flavor next. I would drink it.

    Too bad the Throwback Dew is no longer out, I am not sure I can go back to the regular flavor now. I stocked up on the Throwback Dew and will just have to take it easy.

  3. Oops, that was supposed to be 32oz drink. And I know Pitch Black was supposed to be grape but it was Black Grape and tasted weird. This grape flavor at the soda machine is more Welch's type grape flavor.

  4. I tried this the other night, too. Agree that it's not a strong or memorable flavor at all. I don't see the similarity to Code Red, though– I truly enjoy that flavor, and think it's distinctive.

    Thanks for pointing out the actual flavor names of these two variants. Cool facts.

  5. Hey Steve, I was wondering about livewire being a limited edition. I can still buy livewire at my local convenience store. Is that a fluke or is it still being distributed? My kids are anxious to try the blue dew but I think I'm going to pass. I have a hard time with anything blue – candy or soda!

  6. I didn't like the blue's aftertaste as well. And add that to the fact that it turned my poop green then you have my reason for sticking with the red/orange game fuel right there!

    Oh wait, come to think of it, green poop is kinda cool. >_<

  7. the girl on the bottle is just some night elf. and the green guy on the other bottle is just some orc.

  8. Comatose says:

    Was freaking out about green poo. Then google searched and saw comment 9. I feel very relieved and am laughing at dew right now.

    It does have a very mute taste…was dissapointed :/

  9. I like both, I wish they had more carbonation in them, but other then that and the blue turning out poo an odd green color, its pretty good. I wouldn't drink more then one or two cans in a day.. My roommate drank nothing but Mtn Dew Game Fuel for two days staight and he has not slept plus, he has the green runs and been pucking.. (Don't think its related but thought I would add). We really like it, even my spouse whom only drinks diet likes it. :-)

    (Be aware of the strange green poo.. LOL)

  10. Corrupt says:

    I was hoping Alliance Game Fuel would be a lot like Revolution, which I loved beyond any other Dew, but this was only okay.

    Also, it turned my tongue blue, to a pretty ridiculous extreme. Enough to prevent me from ever buying it again and giving poor recommendations to friends.

  11. I wanted to say this review was very well researched and factual and not annoying like most snack reviews are.

    Very good review.

  12. CRAZY BRIGHT GREEN POOP!!!! so weird.

  13. Bring Back Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Blue! says:

    I can't find the mountain dew game fuel alliance blue anywhere now. I love that pop and I was wondering where I can purchase it from. If anybody knows, please let me know. Thanks!!!!!! BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!

  14. I was nervous when my poop came out green. I researched it and found out that purple/blue dye can turn your poop into a green-ish color. Now I think it's pretty funny. I like the flavor, but can't get over the green poop!

  15. they need to keep all these good flavors! forget about livewire and whiteout why not the good flavors like dark berry or game fuel

  16. Hmmm… interesting post. I was immediately drawn to this MD because it is blue, but apparently its not that different. Great review!

  17. I really like the energy from Mtn Dew VOLTAGE Charged with Raspberry and Ginseng.
    However the Blue dye coloring has caused Blue Poop and has me so freaked out!!!!
    I thought Liver damage, cancer, etc. I have energy issues and still consume the product
    it is addicting to say the least. I don't like the side effect but feel it is related to this Pepsi
    product. I will be searching for a clear high caffeine soda. Be careful!!!

  18. Major green poop, addictive
    Good Luck!

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