Review: Sunkist Naturals Strawberry Dream

After taking a look at the Sunkist Naturals Glorious Greens smoothie, we shift our focus to something more… berry. Let’s take a look at Sunkist Naturals Strawberry Dream, described as a strawberry banana smoothie. For a look at the background on this series of drinks, see our Sunkist Naturals overview.

Sunkist Naturals Strawberry Dream

Featuring strawberries, bananas, passion fruit, apples, and a “splash of Sunkist orange juice”, this drink is advertised as having a high amount of Vitamin C and potassium. The 15.2 oz. bottle is rounded and attractive, with a red-colored cap and scheme proclaiming the primary hue of this flavor.

Upon opening the bottle, you are greeted with a typical smoothie scent, heavy on the banana smell. The color of the drink is a milky, cloudy pinkish-red. It’s not as thick on texture as a smoothie you’d order fresh. That’s not a bad thing, per se, just something to note if you are looking for an “authentic smoothie experience.”

As for the flavor, there’s definitely a strawberry presence — thankfully without those annoying seeds. But to be honest, the berry flavor is pretty weak when compared to the overwhelming banana taste. The percentage of flavor distribution here seems a bit out of whack, too much in favor of a dancing Chiquita lady and not enough love to cute little Strawberry Shortcake and friends. With the branding being heavy on the red color, as well as a name like “Strawberry Dream”, one would expect more actual strawberry flavor.

This is not to say that the drink is bad; it’s not. It just doesn’t meet the perceptions I formed while looking at the bottle. As a consumer, that’s sort of an important thing. Case in point… how many people expect Pepsi Natural to taste a lot like Pepsi? It’s a completely different flavor. Not a bad flavor, but given that it has Pepsi in the name, your perceptions are formed in advance.

Here’s what’s inside:

Sunkist Naturals Strawberry Dreams
Apple juice (water, apple juice concentrate), banana puree (banana, citric acid and ascorbic acid), strawberry puree, orange juice (water, orange juice concentrate), natural flavor, pectin, blackcurrant and carrot extracts, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Each 15.2 oz. bottle is technically 2 servings, but seriously, who just drinks half a bottle? Thus, if you do the Nutrition Facts math for the whole bottle, you are looking at 260 calories, 20 mg of sodium, 680 mg of potassium, 64 g of carbs — including 6 g of dietary fiber and 52 g of sugars, and 2 g of protein.

You’ll also get 200% of your daily values for Vitamin C, along with Vitamin A (2%), Calcium (2%), and Iron (2%).

This is a perishable drink, thus it must be kept refrigerated… and why there’s no preservatives. It also has no GMO (genetically modified organisms). The fine print on the back of the bottle also notes that it’s “flash pasteurized and cold filled for quality.”

Sunkist Naturals Strawberry Dream is a quality smoothie product made from fine ingredients. Unfortunately, it probably should be renamed “Banana Dream With A Hint Of Strawberry” due to the weak berry flavor. Visually appealing and still tasty, the branding on this product influenced my perceptions in a way that created an unmet expectation on flavor.

Full Disclosure: Beverage provided compliments of Maverick Brands